Will Bowman lost be continued?


It sure will! Right now chapters are posting on Thursdays in the afternoon (CST; I put them up sometime after work). If you want the gallery to keep an eye on it, here’s the deviantart link: x 

As of this ask, there are 4 chapters up so far.

Bowman Lost is an offshoot of the Brothers Lost AU made by @neonthewrite and @nightmares06. While that AU focuses on the miniature Sam and Dean Winchester and their very own Godzilla (Jacob Andris), Bowman Leafwing is nowhere to be found. Bowman Lost offers an explanation for that.

So I know you kinda just answered this, but when will you be doing another poll/posting more stories? I’m loving giant Jacob but I’m really missing the smols!!

Not to fear, the poll will open up when the giant Jacob story is coming to a close!

Only one story posts at a time currently, and there will likely be a week hiatus in between that ending and the next story beginning to give me some time to catch up on other things.

Depending on what we have finished, there may or may not be another chapter of a continuing story like Motel Sprites posted during that hiatus, but since I’m not 100% sure when that will be, I can’t be sure if there will be time for an extra post. There will be a schedule released when we grow close to that time, a lot like this one.

Now that HKaSL is complete, Lich will be posting in its place all three nights.

  • April 5th 10pm – Lich 19
  • April 7th 10pm – Lich 20
  • April 10th 10pm – Lich 21  
  • April 12th 10pm – Lich 22  
  • April 14th 10pm – Lich 23  
  • April 17th 10pm – Lich  24

And so on until Lich concludes, after which a new story will take its place. We will be updating one story at a time now, but that story gets three updates a week.

Weekly updates – Sunday @ 10pm, Tuesday @ 10pm, Thursday @ 10pm

Also – expect there to be an announcement soon when the stories switch to 9pm posting times. Because I am up for work at 5 and not the type to stay up late anymore.

All times EST.