Now that HKaSL is complete, Lich will be posting in its place all three nights.

  • April 5th 10pm – Lich 19
  • April 7th 10pm – Lich 20
  • April 10th 10pm – Lich 21  
  • April 12th 10pm – Lich 22  
  • April 14th 10pm – Lich 23  
  • April 17th 10pm – Lich  24

And so on until Lich concludes, after which a new story will take its place. We will be updating one story at a time now, but that story gets three updates a week.

Weekly updates – Sunday @ 10pm, Tuesday @ 10pm, Thursday @ 10pm

Also – expect there to be an announcement soon when the stories switch to 9pm posting times. Because I am up for work at 5 and not the type to stay up late anymore.

All times EST.

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