Catching up

Anonymous asked:

Oof so it’s been awhile since I’ve checked this blog, mind updating me on what stories are currently running? I need to know how much catching up I need to do

Hey, no worries! Life happens to us all!

I’ve actually made a few useful pages for this, in case anyone needs some updates or falls a little behind!

You can find a directory to all the stories and links to the different websites right over here – The Stories

That link gets updated when we start posting a new story, so it’s always up to date.

If you’re interested in where we are with future stories and how the writing is going, you can look at this page – Current Status of All AUs

It has a list of all our announced future stories, along with a link to a sneak peek of each!

As for what we’re currently posting, Brothers Consulted has its second story going up currently. A Burglary at Baker Street. After it is completed, there will be a brief hiatus, and then we’ll be putting up the next story in the Brothers Lost saga, There’s No Place Like Home!

Further sneak peeks can be found on our Sneak Peeks page, and let me know if you have any more questions! We love to hear back!

Brothers Saved updates

I got lots of writing done for this story! Today was definitely a good day for it.

The stories for when Sam gets into a fight with John are completed, and will be posted when it’s time, I’m not going to put them up out of order now that I have my plans all outlined. Good news on the other stuff! I actually do have the short stories for when Dean first sees John and Bobby mostly completed.

I hope to have a few short stories ready when A Burglary at Baker Street is complete, as a bit of a treat for everyone for being so patient with me and this fun reversal of the Brothers Apart dynamic. 

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from the stories where they’re kids, and a peek at the drabble names from when they’re older:

John sat down in the chair next to Sam. Compared to the scrawny ten-year-old, John Winchester was massive, and he leaned over to get a better look at Dean.

Sam sheepishly moved his arm out of the way, trying not to fidget in the seat where he was nearly forgotten about in the wake of Dean’s miraculous recovery.

“How ya feelin’, dude?” John asked in an uncharacteristically soft voice. It was a tone of voice Dean couldn’t remember ever hearing out of the man, at least as far as he was concerned.

Dean clenched his jaw, forcing himself to meet John in the eyes. “I’m fine, sir,” he said stiffly.

And remember! Prompts are currently open for this AU! Send me some fun ideas for this pair!

So! We’re getting close to December 17th! The big day.

As we said before, none of the writers for BA are planning on leaving tumblr, but if our hands are forced and @nightmares06 is banned for having explicit bird posts, we’re working on having the blog uploaded to another site.

We’ll post a list of where to find everyone before that day comes, and on the 17th, there will be no new posts on BA, and I will be joining the mass protest to get the point across to tumblr that this change is not something we ever approved.

Until then, I’m going to go through the old asks that never got answered, answer the ones that I don’t remember answering, post a few of the prompts that people submitted that I never got around to writing so that people will be able to see the ideas we have floating around and you’re more than welcome to write your own story to them if you’re inspired. Remember, the yearly contest will be coming up soon!

A few of the asks I’m sure I answered back when we screenshotted them, but they could use updated answers now that some time has passed.

Hopefully you’ll see some of these get worked on soon, I just need some energy!

Winning story and Updates!


Oof! What a year!

My husband is recovering and things are currently calm on the surgery/medical front. thank GOD

I know I still have commissions to finish! Now that it’s getting less crazy, I’ll have time to work on them. I have a few days off next week for a mini-vacation, and a lot of it I want to spend writing when I’m not sleeping off the stress. Once those last few get finished, I may reopen commissions again! Last time I opened them, about three days later everything went to hell. Last year I lost four family members within like six months, had to replace my car early this year, and the new one is STILL not working perfectly, and my husband had multiple surgeries. I need a long week of sleep.

We’ve got quite a few more stories waiting in the wings, and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks! Thanks so much for coming along with us!

And the winning story, with 51 out of the possible 100 votes, is…

Bigfoot’s a Hoax!

Out in the natural beauty of the Sylvan Lake State Park, a camper’s gone missing and is presumed dead at the same time as rumors about a honest to god giant appearing in the forest to stalk hikers and hunters crop up. Sam and Dean will need to unravel the mystery and keep their wits about them to solve this case.

Our first collab featuring the canon Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester, clashing with the world’s largest teddy teenager! From extra smol to extra tol, Jacob gets no breaks.

Sneak Peek:

By silent agreement, both brothers crept forward, keeping an eye on the strange sights around them. Dean hopped into a deep depression in the ground, almost slipping on a hidden mudbank. Sam glanced to the side and saw that a tiny stream trickled through the underbrush.

It ended at the depression, and as Sam looked behind them, it restarted. Sam grabbed Dean’s jacket, hauling him out and pointing. Dean sucked in a gasp, spotting the familiar mark of a gigantic boot in the soft ground.


“C’mon, let’s go.”

This time, Dean took point as they edged to the clearing. Once they got there, Dean froze again in disbelief.

“Bigger guns my ass,” he said weakly, reaching behind his jacket to pull out his colt. “We might need the damn military.

The boots that made the huge print in the ground were planted in the earth across the clearing, weighed down by their truly colossal owner. Even crouched, the creature loomed well overhead, and some of the smaller trees in the forest would be cast in that shadow.

The giant, if it stood, would reach a lofty 120 feet, at least.

Its dirty clothes were worn and those car-sized boots caked in enough mud that entire small tree branches could be seen stuck to the side of the huge sole. One light step for the monster would prove devastating to either brother, and the giant might never even know it had successfully taken out a hunter.

Massive lungs hidden within that muscular torso drew in and released breaths, the source of the breeze Sam heard. The trees nearest the giant all waved their branches from the air.

Before more of a plan could be made or more details assessed, that breathing paused, and the giant lifted its huge head. As if in slow motion, it turned to look over its shoulder for the source of the disturbance in whatever it was doing. One of its massive hands came into view and braced against one bent knee, and it was a startling realization to note that each finger was the size of a person.

The brothers were outsized by fingers.

Then, the face angled towards them, and eyes the size of their heads locked on them.

Story begins July 8th at 9pm est!


Archive of Our Own seems to be currently down for me… the chapter update there may have to wait a bit, but the other sites are running fine.

Looks like it might have started working… now hopefully it stays that way long enough for the update.

New Year Announcements

Today marks the end of 2016! ( Thank god )

With that, a few announcements for the new year.

  1. Tomorrow the 2017 Brothers Apart contests starts, with a few changes to the rules and slight adjustments to the prizes to fit with the new year! Be sure to check the blog!
  2. A special short story also goes up tomorrow to mark off new beginnings, and we hope everyone will be as excited for it as we are! :3
  3. During the month of January, @nightmares06 and @neonthebright are going on vacation and attending the Jacksonville supernatural convention! So a few things will be placed on hiatus for the duration of the vacation to give us a break from all responsibilities (though we’ll be coming up with more story ideas for sure!) From January 14th to January 28th, no new chapters/asks/excerpts will post. Sam of Wellwood will pause at Chapter 12 and resume posting January 29th with Chapter 13.
  4. This doesn’t mean asks or prompts will close! Please feel free to send in any questions or ideas you have and we’ll get back to you about them as soon as we can! 
  5. We’ll be sure to post updates from the convention! If you’re there, be sure to find us! We’ll be sitting (with my mom, so behave!) in seats C13 to C15. Come get a picture with us or with Oscar, who’s also attending! Saturday, Jan 21st is also my birthday >w> So I’m spending my birthday at the convention.

Any questions let us know, and may 2017 be a wonderful year for us all! (Except Jacob, if the horror story gets voted in).

Now that HKaSL is complete, Lich will be posting in its place all three nights.

  • April 5th 10pm – Lich 19
  • April 7th 10pm – Lich 20
  • April 10th 10pm – Lich 21  
  • April 12th 10pm – Lich 22  
  • April 14th 10pm – Lich 23  
  • April 17th 10pm – Lich  24

And so on until Lich concludes, after which a new story will take its place. We will be updating one story at a time now, but that story gets three updates a week.

Weekly updates – Sunday @ 10pm, Tuesday @ 10pm, Thursday @ 10pm

Also – expect there to be an announcement soon when the stories switch to 9pm posting times. Because I am up for work at 5 and not the type to stay up late anymore.

All times EST.

The other stories in progress (x), are what we’re either currently working on, or is completed and ready to post. It keeps everyone updated on what’s completed and will be ready to go when the current stories finish.

Brothers Together and Brothers Apart are so far, the only two series that have any stories that are actually posted. Because of time constraints due to both authors having full time jobs (and to avoid overwhelming people with uploads), we post three chapters a week.

Once HKaSL and Lich are finished posting, we’ll have a vote for everyone to decide what story posts next. And from there on out, you’ll see the other series start to post!

There are sneak peeks for all of these series up, and if you ever have any ideas for them or any ideas for any other series possibilities, we encourage you to send them in! If you ever want to see what we’re up to at any time, check out the daily excerpts that are posted!

Current sneak peeks:

Brothers Found (Sam is discovered by a kid that isn’t Dean):

First Preview

Second Preview

Brothers Lost (Sam and Dean were cursed together):

First preview

Second preview

Brothers Adopted (Sam takes in Jacob as an adopted brother after Jacob is cursed):

First preview

Second preview

Digital Media > Cartoons > Drawings">

Brothers Asunder (Sam is adopted by sprites) – currently in progress