Little Updates

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, now that I’m recovered enough from work to think straight!

@neonthewrite was kind enough to help update the blog so the actual stories are easier to find, at least on the web browser version (the tumblr app hates edits). So if you visit, you’ll see links at the top of the page. The Stories takes you to links to all of what’s up so far. Brothers Apart is on the main page, and you can swap to Brothers Together and Prompts if you click those names at the top. More will be added as other AU’s are released. 🙂

The last flashback that appeared in the stories posts later today, and tomorrow you’ll get to see a never-before-released flashback! Revisit Sam and Dean the first week they were getting to know each other after being reunited.

Another thing tomorrow is a new commission from Brothers Lost will be shown. I’m most excited for this AU. As much as I love them all, I just can’t get enough of the cursed bros.

Lastly, when Salt Lines and Lich are complete, there will only be one story posting at a time. I know this means that Brothers Apart will not be posting for the first time in years, but there’s personal reasons for this. It’s become harder to write as the storyline gets coiled around, and I’m working on getting my inspiration back for it. Hopefully writing out that flashback helped a little since it was the first of Brothers Apart I’ve written since before Christmas. There’s plenty of plans in motion for it, they must now make it onto the paper.

And as always..

Ask’s Open! || Prompt’s Open! || Submissions Open!

Does anyone else agree with this idea?

If I do this, there won’t be weekly BA updates. Instead, you’ll get a poll before a new story starts posting. The poll will include the next finished story in each series, including BA if it’s done. BA stories do take longer to write than the AU’s.

That story would have three weekly updates, at least for the time being, and since it’s the only one posting it would be easier to keep track of the updates.

I’m so glad to hear! It’s not just on your end… I’m constantly checking to see if I got any new asks/comments/reviews on my sites. Seeing people enjoy what I’ve written gives me the incentive to keep writing and thinking of new ideas, even at times like this where work is getting in the way of tackling a new story. And, once I get the little story put together for Brothers Together, I’ll have two different things updating during the week, along with any prompts I manage.