So! We’re getting close to December 17th! The big day.

As we said before, none of the writers for BA are planning on leaving tumblr, but if our hands are forced and @nightmares06 is banned for having explicit bird posts, we’re working on having the blog uploaded to another site.

We’ll post a list of where to find everyone before that day comes, and on the 17th, there will be no new posts on BA, and I will be joining the mass protest to get the point across to tumblr that this change is not something we ever approved.

Until then, I’m going to go through the old asks that never got answered, answer the ones that I don’t remember answering, post a few of the prompts that people submitted that I never got around to writing so that people will be able to see the ideas we have floating around and you’re more than welcome to write your own story to them if you’re inspired. Remember, the yearly contest will be coming up soon!

A few of the asks I’m sure I answered back when we screenshotted them, but they could use updated answers now that some time has passed.

Hopefully you’ll see some of these get worked on soon, I just need some energy!

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