The other stories in progress (x), are what we’re either currently working on, or is completed and ready to post. It keeps everyone updated on what’s completed and will be ready to go when the current stories finish.

Brothers Together and Brothers Apart are so far, the only two series that have any stories that are actually posted. Because of time constraints due to both authors having full time jobs (and to avoid overwhelming people with uploads), we post three chapters a week.

Once HKaSL and Lich are finished posting, we’ll have a vote for everyone to decide what story posts next. And from there on out, you’ll see the other series start to post!

There are sneak peeks for all of these series up, and if you ever have any ideas for them or any ideas for any other series possibilities, we encourage you to send them in! If you ever want to see what we’re up to at any time, check out the daily excerpts that are posted!

Current sneak peeks:

Brothers Found (Sam is discovered by a kid that isn’t Dean):

First Preview

Second Preview

Brothers Lost (Sam and Dean were cursed together):

First preview

Second preview

Brothers Adopted (Sam takes in Jacob as an adopted brother after Jacob is cursed):

First preview

Second preview

Digital Media > Cartoons > Drawings">

Brothers Asunder (Sam is adopted by sprites) – currently in progress



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