New Year Announcements

Today marks the end of 2016! ( Thank god )

With that, a few announcements for the new year.

  1. Tomorrow the 2017 Brothers Apart contests starts, with a few changes to the rules and slight adjustments to the prizes to fit with the new year! Be sure to check the blog!
  2. A special short story also goes up tomorrow to mark off new beginnings, and we hope everyone will be as excited for it as we are! :3
  3. During the month of January, @nightmares06 and @neonthebright are going on vacation and attending the Jacksonville supernatural convention! So a few things will be placed on hiatus for the duration of the vacation to give us a break from all responsibilities (though we’ll be coming up with more story ideas for sure!) From January 14th to January 28th, no new chapters/asks/excerpts will post. Sam of Wellwood will pause at Chapter 12 and resume posting January 29th with Chapter 13.
  4. This doesn’t mean asks or prompts will close! Please feel free to send in any questions or ideas you have and we’ll get back to you about them as soon as we can! 
  5. We’ll be sure to post updates from the convention! If you’re there, be sure to find us! We’ll be sitting (with my mom, so behave!) in seats C13 to C15. Come get a picture with us or with Oscar, who’s also attending! Saturday, Jan 21st is also my birthday >w> So I’m spending my birthday at the convention.

Any questions let us know, and may 2017 be a wonderful year for us all! (Except Jacob, if the horror story gets voted in).

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