Sam’s fine with animals. He adores mice and puppies, is properly wary of any snakes, spiders and rats, and would probably bug Dean to go see all the puppies while they’re there. Kids are a whole different story because of the trauma he went through in BA as a kid, so he’ll stick close to Dean anytime kids are around.

XD He wouldn’t be the biggest fan of hamster balls, but the tunnels that connect all their cages would be fun to explore.

Sam totally flopping with all the mice tho.

Rumsfeld would totally demand scritches and love from Jacob. Even if he can only use one finger to do it (and be very careful!), the pup has declared Jacob his scritcher.

Jacob will probably be pretty surprised to find a dog the size of a wee mousie around him, either guarding the junkyard or demanding love and attention.

Sadly, in canon, at the point of the story Bobby no longer has Rumsfeld watching his junkyard, so Rumsfeld won’t be around. (Though that doesn’t stop us from imagining him around!)