August 28th excerpt:

“Sam, you comin’?!” Dean called.

“Just a second!”

Dean impatiently waited by the exit, tapping a boot. “If you didn’t have so much hair, this wouldn’t be such a project!” he called again.

July 29th excerpt:

All but forgotten in Dean’s pocket, Logan waited for someone to notice the irony in the room. While he was trapped and barely allowed a shard of a pretzel, Sam was free to roam. He would even get to have some of the warm food with the others, despite being bug-sized. He should be in as much danger as Logan, but he wasn’t. 

Wondering what made Sam so special wouldn’t get him free, so Logan pushed the thoughts aside. He kicked at Dean once more before turning to try opening the pocket again.

COM – What the Hell 2


Commission for @torchmlp and @samwinchesterseyes​!

Torch and samwinchesterseyes wanted a continuation of the sizeshifter Sam AU, so here we are!

Sizeshifter!Sam AU

Word count: 1907

Together, the Winchesters were able to piece together the events of that night.

Somehow, Sam had grown to a giant, and stopped the werewolf in its tracks. Restrained the werewolf long enough for Dean to dart in, sinking his silver knife into its throat, taking out the threat.

After that, Sam somehow lost his giant stature, diminishing to just a few inches in height. Dean had tracked him down, and pocketed him for safe-keeping.

“I can’t believe you stuck me in a pocket,” Sam muttered, rubbing the bridge of his nose with a thumb.

Dean sent him a side-eyed look, both hands firmly on the wheel of the Impala as they got the hell out of dodge. The last thing they needed was the authorities showing up to a bloody murder scene in a demolished house. As guilty as that would make them look, they’d be lucky if they could pull off an escape before getting thrown in jail.

The night was dark, the sun fallen beneath the horizon long ago. Dean had only stopped at the motel long enough to toss their bags in the back, not bothering to check out. Sam had to stay and wait for him, impatient and antsy, wondering if his strange affliction was over or if it was just beginning.

“Where else was I supposed to put ya?” Dean said defensively. Mirth glinted in his eyes, full of adrenaline from their successful case. “It’s not everyday I find myself a fun-sized brother!

Sam’s face turned red at the idea. “Not funny, Dean!”

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June 7th excerpt:

“Dean…” Sam said under his breath, nudging his brother in the arm. “Dean!”

Groaning, Dean tried shifting away, taking part of the handkerchief with him. “Go to sleep, Sammy,” he mumbled tiredly.

May 24th excerpt:

Dean ignored the little squirms in his hand, much like he’d do if he was checking Sam for any broken bones just after a fall. “See?” he said softly to the kid as he worked his way over each rib and brushed against the skinny bare arms. “Nothin’ to it.” He searched those tiny eyes for any signs of pain and found none.

Sam slapped on some grape jelly to his sandwich and but both slices of bread together, eagerly biting down. “Isf hee okayff?” he asked, mouth full.

May 20th excerpt:

Dean rubbed his face. “Okay. We can just…” He looked at the kid again. The little guy was crying while they argued. “Sam, did you hurt him?” Dean held out his hands expectantly. “Lemme see ‘im.”

That got Oscar’s attention. He looked up quickly only to duck his head again, too intimidated by the teenage human. He looked so stern. Ready to scold Oscar for sneaking around in their room to steal food.

May 14th excerpt:

To hide his nerves at being so close to a human again, so soon after their grand escape from the others, Dean busied himself making sure Sam was settled, tossing part of the handkerchief over the scrawny kid’s body to keep him from catching a chill in the air. Ever since their curse had struck, those months back, Dean had discovered that the air was colder, and they had trouble staying warm.

Being shipped to London in the fall hadn’t helped, though he’d underestimated the weather earlier that day. They’d assumed they’d have time to find their way to somewhere sheltered by nightfall, and boy were they wrong.

“What now?” Dean asked.

May 13th excerpt:

Dean steadfastly did not mention that they didn’t always ignore him when he shouted at them for hurting Sam.

They’d never hurt him too bad for his intransigence. Just enough to teach him how to behave.

He was valuable merchandise, after all.

April 27th excerpt:

It was to no one’s surprise that Sam was still hunched over his books when they returned, not only pie but an order of Chinese food in hand. Dean shook his head as he set the huge brown paper bag down on the table, covering up half of Sam’s work.

“Hey!” Sam said, startled out of his train of thought. “I was–”

“Going to take a break,” Dean interrupted, putting the pie down next to the bag. “You ain’t doing us any good if you work yourself into the ground.”

Brothers Keeper by @wolfie180g || wolfie180g

Sam and Dean spent half their lives fighting for survival in a world that outsizes them at every turn. They were hit by a witch’s curse when they were just children and left abandoned by a father that didn’t know they survived the attack. They learned to cope with their new diminutive height and make a home inside the walls, and under the floorboards of the motel they were stranded in. At about 4 inches tall, even a normal trip searching for food ends up with them coming across a new danger that they’d never seen before. Some kind of elongated rat of an animal that could easily make a meal out of them both, had spotted them and chased after them inside the motel room walls to a room they’ve never been in before.

What they find in that room is almost as terrifying as the strange animal that pursues them. A gigantic human that appears to be the animal’s owner, who is all too happy to let it inside. The brothers must find a way to escape before they’re seen and captured by the human to be taken away as pets, or worse, attacked and eaten by the fanged animal. 

With no easy way out, they must pick the lesser of the far too many evils.