Brothers Keeper by @wolfie180g || wolfie180g

Sam and Dean spent half their lives fighting for survival in a world that outsizes them at every turn. They were hit by a witch’s curse when they were just children and left abandoned by a father that didn’t know they survived the attack. They learned to cope with their new diminutive height and make a home inside the walls, and under the floorboards of the motel they were stranded in. At about 4 inches tall, even a normal trip searching for food ends up with them coming across a new danger that they’d never seen before. Some kind of elongated rat of an animal that could easily make a meal out of them both, had spotted them and chased after them inside the motel room walls to a room they’ve never been in before.

What they find in that room is almost as terrifying as the strange animal that pursues them. A gigantic human that appears to be the animal’s owner, who is all too happy to let it inside. The brothers must find a way to escape before they’re seen and captured by the human to be taken away as pets, or worse, attacked and eaten by the fanged animal. 

With no easy way out, they must pick the lesser of the far too many evils.  

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