May 28th excerpt:

“Well, my name’s Sam,” Sam introduced. “Do you have a name?”

Nerves aside, Jacob gathered enough defiance to cross his arms. Closed to conversation, he wasn’t going to treat this as anything but what it was. Sam might have captured Jacob for a stupid mistake, but he wasn’t going to get to anyone else. Jacob took a steadying breath to try to hide his nerves under a giant’s gaze.

“Holding out on me?“ Sam was undeterred by the setback. "Guess that means we’ll be doing this the hard way. Your loss.”

Sam tore out of the kitchen. “Time to go!” he snapped.

Spotting Jacob next to the main entrance, he darted forward. In seconds, Jacob was unceremoniously hauled in the air, dropped in the satchel, and then Sam was yanking open the door, easily grasping the handle that had been out of Jacob’s reach. He ran flat-out into the unknown, open space around them.

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Artwork by @mogadeer

September 27th excerpt:

Jacob glanced up at the bench, though of course he couldn’t see their total pile of found cash from the floor. He knew it certainly felt like they’d combed every inch. It was amazing how much they’d managed to find. He grinned and looked over at Sam, knowing he probably wouldn’t chime in. Ever since they’d joined Dean in his traveling hunting profession, Sam had had a harder time than Jacob asking for things he liked or wanted.

Jacob was working on helping with that. After all, Dean was clearly willing to help them out, and a resource like that was rare to people like them. So he called up, “Sam wanted a bag of M&Ms, how about it?”

“H-hey!” Sam blurted. He elbowed Jacob in the side. “I never said that!”

The teeny little Jake in the horror story isn’t quite that small… his friends give him an estimated height of about an inch and a half, but they don’t have any rulers around to measure him by. Small enough to be a teddy bear to a man four inches tall (Sam’s claimed), yet still big enough to manage some interaction with Dean without any outside help, so long as the hunter is paying close attention.


Artwork by @mogadeer

Oh, I’m so glad! This is definitely one of our more emotionally charged stories, especially with the blunt way they approached Dean! There’s more feels ahead, and thank you for your support! We love hearing what everyone thinks of these chapters :3

(Please Dean, Jacob is but a teddy bear who got a little overexcited, don’t hurt him. He was so excited to meet you and brought Sam all that way.)

Aww, the poor cozy burrow, opened up to the elements! Sam would feel bad when he sees all the work they put into the place, like their carefully tended pit of coals and all the basket weaving the elders were working on with the youngest kiddos.

Poor Jacob at that scale is more along the lines of a natural disaster. The tiny borrowers can’t tell what he’s saying, and for him, Sam will have to tell him that the littlest tiny moving things on the ground are actually people. He’ll have to retreat to the other side of the field while Sam sorts things out so he doesn’t accidentally cause them more harm.

Sam is the Jacob-whisperer.

If anyone feels up to writing something for this, feel more than free! Submissions are always open, and just drop a line if you want it to be anonymous.

August 3rd excerpt:

Wary of standing on any unaware human, Sam chose to climb Jacob first to give him a heads up. The thick hoodie fabric made it an easy climb.

Sam sprang up. “Jacob,” he hissed. He was close enough to the young human’s ear that he didn’t need to talk in a normal voice. “Hey.”

Sam put a hand against his neck. “So, I guess you need some more rescuing.”