SAN – Sam and Nicholas

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san – Sam and Nicholas? Even if this isn’t right, I am looking forward to learning more about Jacob’s dad!

You got it!

In Brothers Unexpected, Sam has a lot to get used to. Including Jacob’s father, Nicholas Andris, the person Jacob resembles the most when he grows up, especially in height.

While Sam is but a two-and-a-half inch tall kiddo.

(If anyone’s missed it, there’s a special short story about Jacob and his late father over on deviantart. It happens later along the timeline than where Brothers Unexpected is at thus far. Check it out here and the second part here.)

Nicholas froze in the middle of relaxing into the couch’s worn, comfortable cushions. His heart skipped a beat and he processed what he’d heard, the tiniest little noise that he might not have noticed. Before they found Sam, he definitely wouldn’t have registered the sound.

He glanced around, turning his head to scan the room. He knew Sam hadn’t been on the couch when he came in, so he could at least do away with the frantic worry that he’d nearly crushed the kid. That didn’t write out the possibility that he was under the couch or somewhere near enough that Nicholas’ careless action could have hurt the tiny kid.

“Sam?” he called out cautiously. His deep voice was quiet, but he knew that to Sam it still rumbled overhead. If the kid was hurt or scared, he probably wouldn’t answer.

April 17th except:

The toy truck next to him almost jumped as Jacob’s dad made his way over to the couch, each footstep like a small-scale earthquake as it landed on the ground. Sam choked back a cry of alarm, stumbling away from the ‘small’ toy that outsized him.

March 6th excerpt:

Sam blinked up at the ceiling overhead. He was currently under the coffee table in the living room. His new world was so different. Thick carpet fibers under his boots threatened to offset his balance, and from time to time dust would try clinging to him. Sam brushed the dust off. He was growing used to that, at least. His new size came with so many other downfalls, he just ignored the small annoyances.

Close by, one of Jacob’s trucks was left on its own. The younger boy must have left it there before he had to leave with his mom. It wasn’t safe for Sam to come with them all the time, so he’d remained in the house.

Curious, he trailed a hand up the door to the truck. If it wasn’t thick plastic, Sam would be the right size to open the door and sit in the driver’s seat. He grinned a little at that thought, imagining himself driving around a truck through the house.