March 6th excerpt:

Sam blinked up at the ceiling overhead. He was currently under the coffee table in the living room. His new world was so different. Thick carpet fibers under his boots threatened to offset his balance, and from time to time dust would try clinging to him. Sam brushed the dust off. He was growing used to that, at least. His new size came with so many other downfalls, he just ignored the small annoyances.

Close by, one of Jacob’s trucks was left on its own. The younger boy must have left it there before he had to leave with his mom. It wasn’t safe for Sam to come with them all the time, so he’d remained in the house.

Curious, he trailed a hand up the door to the truck. If it wasn’t thick plastic, Sam would be the right size to open the door and sit in the driver’s seat. He grinned a little at that thought, imagining himself driving around a truck through the house.

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