Heyo! I may have been the deleted anon (XD). My ask was basically just telling you this blog is awesome and I am astounded by the whole universe you have created here! Also a quick question. You’re story about Smol Stan (aol?), I wanted to know hen you will be posting it. Thank you for all your write!

Aww, thanks so much! It’s really been a ton of fun creating and building up the universe we have rolling over here. 

Sorry about the mix up with the asks, it happens to the best of us.

We’re not sure quite when the story will be posting, we still have to edit the first one, and then we let everyone vote in the stories to keep things fresh!

Stan has certainly graduated from brief side character to full fledged main character in the stories, much like Jacob, so expect to see him cropping up often! He and Dean have some of the most entertaining parts together in BC, and Sherlock’s been a bit of pout at how the little red wolf snuck his way in.

You can find questions like this in our FAQ (mobile-friendly version), and be sure to send in anything that you still want clarified afterwards!

Direct from the FAQ:

When does (insert story) start posting?

We’re not sure when each story goes up, we only have a timeline for the days stuff will post. To prevent any stories from gaining favoritism over others, we started running a poll. During the last week or two of a story, there will be a poll with (2) to (6) options offered, and the winner will be the story that starts next!

Keep in mind that the stories that appear in the poll will be fully written/edited and beta’d by our wonderful beta readers, any stories that are incomplete in any fashion will not be included.

The poll is run through SurveyMonkey, and each person gets only (1) vote! Duplicate votes WILL BE REMOVED.

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