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In Brothers Chosen, how would other borrowers react to the trio? Oz? Jake? Imagine Sam and Dean trying to calm down one after catching them, trying to convince them they’re not going to hurt them or keep them as pets… Stan make it a little harder though. P.S. I noticed that Stan and Arthur look really similar- fire red hair, really pale, green eyes. But that’s just a coincidence, right…?


xD This is actually the second time one of my character designs has been compared to one of @nightmares06‘s characters, and I swear it’s not a conscious thing. Stan Baker’s character was designed somewhat on a whim since he was never meant to be fully developed at first. Any resemblance between Stan and Arthur is purely coincidence!


Stan would actually also fit into the 1997 The Borrowers movie with that bright red hair and freckles!


Oscar would be nervous about the three of them right off the bat, but that isn’t very different from how he usually is around new people. He’d be trying to run away from Sam and Dean the best he could, and then he would be very very confused about Stan. Then, once the confusion wore off a little, he would practically cling to the other smol for some comfort in the face of that Winchester Intensity. They loom without trying.

Jacob would be weirded out by Stan, but it would also make him pause enough to listen. So long as he doesn’t manage a good jab with his iron nail, I think it’d be easy to smooth over any misunderstandings (which is kinda rare when Dean and Jacob are up against each other, tbh).


Inktober 2018 Day 1

1. Discovery – Something amazing happens to Stan Baker.

AU: ???

Trigger Warning: Mentions of bullying and physical/emotional violence

Stan was in a heavy mood when he returned home.

His dragging footsteps were heavy, his bedroom door banged heavily as it shut, his backpack dropping to the floor and the way Stan tossed himself into bed were both almost as heavy as his heart.

At thirteen years old, he’d long since gotten used to bullies. He could hardly recall a time in his educational career that he hadn’t been picked on for one reason or another. He was small for his age, slim as a twig, and his pale complexion and bright hair made him stick out all the more among his peers. It barely mattered that his brothers were teaching him how to defend himself; any muscle he gained from training and fighting seemed too lean to make a visible difference.

Stan heaved a long sigh and buried his face in his pillow, hugging it close.

By the time he’d flipped a few of his bullies and seemed to deter them from coming after him, they all shifted gears. With hormones raging high and everyone hyperfocused on popularity and who liked who, Stan was physically picked on less and instead became the subject of harsh words and rumors that knocked him down the social hierarchy.

The harsh words stung and stuck with Stan and hurt worse than any bruise. They hurt because some of them were true. They swirled around Stan’s head long after he heard them, and they made him feel so small.


A strange sensation made Stan peel his shining cheek away from his pillow. If he didn’t know better, he’d think it was getting bigger.

Stan bolted upright and realized the blanket was expanding beneath him. His heart jumped into his throat and began pounding, and Stan could swear it all started to go faster. He could feel the fabric passing past his hands and even gave himself a quick pinch in the arm amidst his slight panic. It was impossible to deny.

He really was getting smaller and smaller!

He gave a yelp when it all came to a sudden stop, the vertigo knocking him flat on his back. His arms flailed as he righted himself, green eyes wide as he looked around. The ceiling was so far away now, and all at once the room that had so often been his sole safe space became an alien landscape, made up of massive structures and bizarre shapes.

Stan had no idea how long he sat there, awestruck. Before terror and confusion could override, he had to admit that seeing things from a few inches tall was pretty cool.

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Just saw the AoL snippet, and it made me remember that I had meant to send in an ask about if wee Stan considered the brothers his owners. Guess that answers that!

It’s a definite misconception between Stan and the Winchesters!

He doesn’t quite see himself the way they want him to…

It took seconds for Stan to grab the clip near the top of the pen and haul it all the way back to Sam, panting a little from the effort as he stepped back to give the human room to take it.

Sam was frozen in his search, not having expected Stan to suddenly shoot off in a different direction while they conversed. Seeing how much effort it took Stan to drag the pen over to him drove into Sam how different they were in size, making him feel obnoxiously oversized all over again.

Dean had an identical look on his face, not knowing how to react.

“S-Stan,” Sam managed to get out, delicately picking up the pen. He’d been looking for one, but– “You can just… tell me where the pen is, okay? You don’t have to go through all that work, I can just grab it.”

The ghost of a proud smile that had found its way to Stan’s features for finally making himself of use melted when he saw Sam’s reaction. Now he was confused all over again, worried that he’d done something wrong.

“But… you wanted it…” Stan trailed off awkwardly, trying to think of a way to fix it. But there was nothing to fix. The pen was fetched, Sam already had it. He didn’t understand why the brothers seemed so averse to his actions, but he resolved to do better next time as soon as he found out.

“That’s… not what I’m saying…” Sam said, his conviction fading at Stan’s reaction. “Just… If I want something, you don’t have to get it for me.” It was so hard to come up with words for what he meant. “I don’t want you straining yourself.”

“You’re not a pet,” Dean interrupted, putting it far blunter than Sam would have done. “You know that… right?”

October 17th excerpt:

“It is nice to breathe air that isn’t recycled,” said Stan genuinely. With another long inhale, he carefully maneuvered himself a little closer to the front of Dean’s shoulder, setting himself down between the collar and his neck and curiously peeking out in the direction Dean was heading. Once he even dared to glance down the sheer cliff Dean’s torso made, see those massive legs swing out to carry his unfathomable weight forward another step.

For the one brief second Stan got to see that, it was both fascinating and terrifying.

How will tiny Stan (from Brothers Chosen) react if they ever meet Nathan? Or even at the Lounge

At the point where Chosen starts, Stan and Nate haven’t met, so they’d both be a little shocked if they met in the Lounge. BC Nate is human, of course, so Stan would be stunned to see a human like him. Nate recognizes Stan, so he’s likely to come close for a look at this smol version. Stan gets a very up close view of those captivating eyes…

Stan would have a lot of confusing feelings.

Your littles are at 1:18 scale. Dean, Sam, and mini Stan are watching an adaptation of The Borrowers set at 1:14 scale. The original Borrowers book sets them at 1:12. It just amuses me how many scales are involved right now. (my younger sibs and I just watched that adaptation of The Borrowers tonight and the scale was mentioned in the special features. The books scale I worked out when I first read them, using the fact that Pod is 6″ tall.)

Scales are fun to play around with! Though I do prefer the smaller scales than the original Borrowers stories have. They’re a little big for me in those stories.

(BA smols are at a 1:19 scale)

Dean would be pretty amused to see Stan next to Pod. He’s so much teenier!

Sneak peek

@torchmlp​ guessed it, so we all get to read it! #lald is short for Live and Let Die, a saying that Stan Baker will hold in his heart after how his life changes because of two hunters and their intrusion on his life!

Just when Stan was about to fall asleep, a fingertip brushed against the tiny flame of hair. Stan was instantly alert, propping himself up on an elbow to look up at Nicholas expectantly to see what he wanted.

“Do you love me, Stan?” Nicholas asked, leaning down so his eyes were closer to Stan’s level.

“Yessir,” Stan answered without hesitation.

“And are you happy with me?”


The witch would ask these questions every once in a while, like a test of Stan’s loyalty. Of course Stan was loyal to Nicholas. It didn’t matter if the witch was volatile, if any little thing could set him off and provoke him to punish Stan in one way or another.

He was all Stan had in the world.

March 25th excerpt:

Flipping the cards back into one pile, Dean held them close to his hand so Stan could get a better look. “With these, we can get into what we need, and they don’t find out who we are, so they can’t arrest us. It’s really a win-win situation, whatever the cops say. We don’t get our asses in jail, they get the monsters they don’t believe in killed off.”

“Ohh, okay,” Stan nodded in understanding. Humans were huge and couldn’t be quite that stealthy. Even Stan couldn’t on his own, his lack of training and red hair a dead giveaway without a spell hiding him.

“So, it’s like a glamour spell, but without the magic,” Stan inferred aloud, managing to put it in a way that made it relatable to his experience.

Heyo! I may have been the deleted anon (XD). My ask was basically just telling you this blog is awesome and I am astounded by the whole universe you have created here! Also a quick question. You’re story about Smol Stan (aol?), I wanted to know hen you will be posting it. Thank you for all your write!

Aww, thanks so much! It’s really been a ton of fun creating and building up the universe we have rolling over here. 

Sorry about the mix up with the asks, it happens to the best of us.

We’re not sure quite when the story will be posting, we still have to edit the first one, and then we let everyone vote in the stories to keep things fresh!

Stan has certainly graduated from brief side character to full fledged main character in the stories, much like Jacob, so expect to see him cropping up often! He and Dean have some of the most entertaining parts together in BC, and Sherlock’s been a bit of pout at how the little red wolf snuck his way in.

You can find questions like this in our FAQ (mobile-friendly version), and be sure to send in anything that you still want clarified afterwards!

Direct from the FAQ:

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February 25th excerpt:

As Dean settled in, Stan was tempted to simply find himself a seat and stay where he was put like he always did. But another  part of him heard a call in the open space of the car, particularly in the dim chasm into which Dean’s legs vanished over the edge of the seat. Stan’s knowledge of cars was extremely limited, but he got the impression from watching Dean drive a few times that something down there helped him operate the immense machine. And anyway, Dean had encouraged Stan to ‘check the place out’…

Curiosity won out in the end, and so with tentative steps, Stan wandered toward the end of the bench, craning his neck to peer into the space. He wasn’t sure what he expected to find down there, but the dark unknown taunted something in the back of Stan’s mind, something he usually ignored.