Sneak peek

@torchmlp​ guessed it, so we all get to read it! #lald is short for Live and Let Die, a saying that Stan Baker will hold in his heart after how his life changes because of two hunters and their intrusion on his life!

Just when Stan was about to fall asleep, a fingertip brushed against the tiny flame of hair. Stan was instantly alert, propping himself up on an elbow to look up at Nicholas expectantly to see what he wanted.

“Do you love me, Stan?” Nicholas asked, leaning down so his eyes were closer to Stan’s level.

“Yessir,” Stan answered without hesitation.

“And are you happy with me?”


The witch would ask these questions every once in a while, like a test of Stan’s loyalty. Of course Stan was loyal to Nicholas. It didn’t matter if the witch was volatile, if any little thing could set him off and provoke him to punish Stan in one way or another.

He was all Stan had in the world.

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