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Is there ever going to be a story with both Sam and Dean normal size with a tiny?

We actually do have a few planned out in the BA multiverse!

Brothers Chosen will have canon Sam and Dean discovering cursed Stan Baker the captive of a he-witch they’re hunting, and will have to figure out what to do with this tiny ginger after the case is over.

There’s plans for Jacob to be besieged by the canon-sized Sam and Dean, though this idea is only in the planning stages currently, and may change wildly when we begin writing it.

Brothers United pairs tiny Oscar with the weechesters, and will have a very different outcome than Brothers Together did when they were kids… This will be a lot of canon bros growing up with tiny Oscar!

Outside of the BA Multiverse, there’s also Neon’s story Beggars Can’t be Choosers, which involves the Canon Winchesters finding none other than little Oscar in their motel room. It’s from the Angel and the Mouse AU, which began with Quiet as a Mouse (with Castiel, Angel of the Lord, finding Oscar).

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In Brothers Chosen, how would other borrowers react to the trio? Oz? Jake? Imagine Sam and Dean trying to calm down one after catching them, trying to convince them they’re not going to hurt them or keep them as pets… Stan make it a little harder though. P.S. I noticed that Stan and Arthur look really similar- fire red hair, really pale, green eyes. But that’s just a coincidence, right…?


xD This is actually the second time one of my character designs has been compared to one of @nightmares06‘s characters, and I swear it’s not a conscious thing. Stan Baker’s character was designed somewhat on a whim since he was never meant to be fully developed at first. Any resemblance between Stan and Arthur is purely coincidence!


Stan would actually also fit into the 1997 The Borrowers movie with that bright red hair and freckles!


Oscar would be nervous about the three of them right off the bat, but that isn’t very different from how he usually is around new people. He’d be trying to run away from Sam and Dean the best he could, and then he would be very very confused about Stan. Then, once the confusion wore off a little, he would practically cling to the other smol for some comfort in the face of that Winchester Intensity. They loom without trying.

Jacob would be weirded out by Stan, but it would also make him pause enough to listen. So long as he doesn’t manage a good jab with his iron nail, I think it’d be easy to smooth over any misunderstandings (which is kinda rare when Dean and Jacob are up against each other, tbh).

Hi! (Off note) I fraking love your blog and stories. (On note) I was just wondering what stories are in the works? I’m super pumped for the first and wanted to know what I should be expecting. Thanks for the writings!

We probably answered this before, but now is as good a time as any for an update!

Brothers Apart– Season 3 has the first story written, but it needs editing and some TLC before it’ll be ready to post. The second story is half-done, and the third is in the idea stage, with a three-part special story chain that will end with quite an interesting twist!

Brothers Lost– We’ve found where the conclusion of season 1 will be! This AU will pull in several characters that our readers might recognize both from our other stories, Supernatural episodes, and some unique OCs that will appear for the first time in BL! Two additional stories are ready for posting now, several others need to be edited and beta’d, and we’re currently writing our way through the Season 1 finale, which we have not had the chance to excerpt! Keep your eyes open for #trtn when it begins to post.

Brothers Consulted– The next story will be posting at the start of the new year :3 We have several stories written, most need editing. Planned seasons for this series will be shorter, just like on the Sherlock TV show, but they’ll be full of action!

Brothers Asunder– Several more stories are complete past Dean of Nowhere, but they need to be edited and beta’d. Many plans are in the works for this AU starring @neonthebright ​‘s sprites.

Brothers Adopted– One more story is completed but needs to be edited and beta’d. Other ideas are in the works to continue the storyline and take it in a very unexpected direction.

Brothers Found– This story will take the very frazzled group back to the Wellwood in the next edition and will pull in a very familiar hunter for those who have read Bowman of Wellwood! After that, there is one more story under construction, but it’s currently on hold while we write other AUs.

Brothers Chosen– The first two stories for this series are finished and waiting to be edited. We also are holding off on posting these until Stan Baker debuts in Brothers Consulted. More stories are planned to follow Stan’s path now that he’s with the Winchesters.

Brothers Discovered– The first story is 50% finished and currently on hold, but there are many plans for this young and adorable crew, and Stan Baker will also be joining up as a kiddo!

Brothers Divided– Two stories are written and need to be edited and beta’d. I know @creatorofuniverses is waiting for her chance to dive at this story after the teasers we’ve put out…

Brothers Grounded– Since this is a bit of an AU for messing around in, we don’t have any completed stories, but there are a few more chapters of fun, and we do plan on jumping back on it once we’ve caught up on some of our other backlogged plans! It’s fun playing around with a Brothers-Lost style Sam and Dean with @neonthebright ​‘s canon storyline.

Brothers Kept– We’re only on the first story, but we’ve also constructed the backbone of the AU, all the way through a storyline crafted for this particularly disturbing version of the BA-verse.

Brothers Remembered– Another AU where we’re working on the first story! We have definite Plans for this one, and a familiar face that some of our giant story readers will remember…

Brothers Saved– Ah, the AU that began as a prompt and grew from there! Both cowriters are interested in pursuing a storyline within this ‘verse, we just haven’t had time to start on the stories. There is another short that was written, and I’m in progress of writing a second as @torchmlp ​‘s contest prize from this year. 

Brothers Together– There is nothing written or in-progress for this AU currently, but we do have some ideas floating around, and of course at some point we’re going to need to show how Oscar did when he reached Bobby’s!

Brothers Unexpected– Two stories, two shorts, and a multitude of ideas! This is just waiting to be beta’d, and we fully expect stories from BU to show up in the next poll.

Brothers United– Half a story written, and lots planned for these poor dorks! Unfortunately, this is the story we were working on when writer’s block hit @nightmares06​ hard, so we put it on hiatus and tried to switch to other projects. Now that the ideas are beginning to flow again, we hope to return to it.

Giant Jacob storyline– There are plans in the works for a sequel, though all we have for it so far is a tagline written out…

We have several more unannounced AUs under construction, and are constantly coming up with more ideas! Feel free to send us in your ideas/headcanons/asks, you never know what might happen!

Just saw the AoL snippet, and it made me remember that I had meant to send in an ask about if wee Stan considered the brothers his owners. Guess that answers that!

It’s a definite misconception between Stan and the Winchesters!

He doesn’t quite see himself the way they want him to…

It took seconds for Stan to grab the clip near the top of the pen and haul it all the way back to Sam, panting a little from the effort as he stepped back to give the human room to take it.

Sam was frozen in his search, not having expected Stan to suddenly shoot off in a different direction while they conversed. Seeing how much effort it took Stan to drag the pen over to him drove into Sam how different they were in size, making him feel obnoxiously oversized all over again.

Dean had an identical look on his face, not knowing how to react.

“S-Stan,” Sam managed to get out, delicately picking up the pen. He’d been looking for one, but– “You can just… tell me where the pen is, okay? You don’t have to go through all that work, I can just grab it.”

The ghost of a proud smile that had found its way to Stan’s features for finally making himself of use melted when he saw Sam’s reaction. Now he was confused all over again, worried that he’d done something wrong.

“But… you wanted it…” Stan trailed off awkwardly, trying to think of a way to fix it. But there was nothing to fix. The pen was fetched, Sam already had it. He didn’t understand why the brothers seemed so averse to his actions, but he resolved to do better next time as soon as he found out.

“That’s… not what I’m saying…” Sam said, his conviction fading at Stan’s reaction. “Just… If I want something, you don’t have to get it for me.” It was so hard to come up with words for what he meant. “I don’t want you straining yourself.”

“You’re not a pet,” Dean interrupted, putting it far blunter than Sam would have done. “You know that… right?”

How will tiny Stan (from Brothers Chosen) react if they ever meet Nathan? Or even at the Lounge

At the point where Chosen starts, Stan and Nate haven’t met, so they’d both be a little shocked if they met in the Lounge. BC Nate is human, of course, so Stan would be stunned to see a human like him. Nate recognizes Stan, so he’s likely to come close for a look at this smol version. Stan gets a very up close view of those captivating eyes…

Stan would have a lot of confusing feelings.

What would the reaction of the Lounge when they’ll have two of the Stans(one human from Brothers Consulted and one borrower from Brothers Chosen)? What will they think when they find out Stan wasn’t cursed? I mean, those two are different from all the other versions(of cursed humans…) we saw…

@borrowedtimeandspace – It will definitely be a surprise all around when the Chosen crew and Consulted crew meet face to face. The two Stans of those AUs are indeed different, and it’ll break Consulted Stan’s heart to see what became of his little counterpart. And I’m sure Chosen Sam and Dean will be enlightened to see how the real Stan (as in, a Stan that hasn’t been broken down the way Chosen Stan was) acts.

@nightmares06 – Sam and Dean are trying so hard in the Chosen verse to get Stan back on his feet. They’re just not quite sure what to do with this lost little borrower who needs friends and support. They’ll certainly be very curious to get to know a full-sized Stan who seems to be perfectly confident in the way his life’s gone. 

Will there be a au in which the brothers somehow manage to avoid getting cursed/shrunk (maybe if the “pinky promise” short happened, Walt would be able to warn them about Celeste’s plan, because unlike the time in Brothers apart in which it was to risky to contact with them, this time Walt had already been discovered by Sam so he warns him… ), and the story continues more or less like it does in the show (except from the fact that Sam—){{{part 1}}}}

and the story continues more or less like it does in the show (except from the fact that Sam is the only one who knows about the existence of smolls). And then when Jacob comes to Trial’s West he gets cursed just like in Brothers Adopted /Brothers Remembered, only that this time he’s adopted by Walt and Mallory Watch and doesn’t have neither of the Winchester brothers as big brothers to help him adjust and all. And after some point, the brothers—{{{part 2}}}

And after some point, the brothers stumble over Trial’s West for a case or something, and while Sam goes out to grab some food and Dean stays to do research, Jacob and Walt were out in the room looking for supplies and Jacob gets caught by Dean. Sam gets back only to find Dean interrogating a smoll and manages to convince Dean to let him go. It would be interesting to have the two big Winchesters with a smoll Jacob and see how different it is from—{{{part 3}}}

It would be interesting to have the two big Winchesters with a smoll Jacob and see how different it is from Brothers Chosen (cause so far, that’s the only au I’ve seen with the two big Winchesters interacting with a smoll). {{{part 4}} sorry for how long this is. I think you’re amazing, and your stories are awesome!

It’s definitely a fun idea!

We did have a few ideas about a smol Jacob and the bros, though in a different story setup compared to this one. Feel free to write it out, or if anyone else is feeling inspired! We love seeing what you guys come up with, and Sam and Dean + smols is a good time. 

(Pinky promise is canon in the Brothers Unexpected AU, if anyone was wondering)

We do also have Brothers United, which is an AU with Sam and Dean regular sized and running into Oscar. They start out as all children in this story, so they meet earlier on compared to the other times. 

We loved getting this ask! Thank you so much!

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@torchmlp​ guessed it, so we all get to read it! #lald is short for Live and Let Die, a saying that Stan Baker will hold in his heart after how his life changes because of two hunters and their intrusion on his life!

Just when Stan was about to fall asleep, a fingertip brushed against the tiny flame of hair. Stan was instantly alert, propping himself up on an elbow to look up at Nicholas expectantly to see what he wanted.

“Do you love me, Stan?” Nicholas asked, leaning down so his eyes were closer to Stan’s level.

“Yessir,” Stan answered without hesitation.

“And are you happy with me?”


The witch would ask these questions every once in a while, like a test of Stan’s loyalty. Of course Stan was loyal to Nicholas. It didn’t matter if the witch was volatile, if any little thing could set him off and provoke him to punish Stan in one way or another.

He was all Stan had in the world.

Is the AU with mini Stan in the collective BAU? Or is it not? I know the bros are both normal sized, but that’s not really what dictates in or out.

It is a part of the collective BAU series, and because of that ended up with a “Brothers” title. “Brothers Chosen” has its place in the multiverse, and soon enough we’ll let everyone in on what dictates what’s in and what’s not, because having the brothers cursed was only a small part of it really.