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Is there ever going to be a story with both Sam and Dean normal size with a tiny?

We actually do have a few planned out in the BA multiverse!

Brothers Chosen will have canon Sam and Dean discovering cursed Stan Baker the captive of a he-witch they’re hunting, and will have to figure out what to do with this tiny ginger after the case is over.

There’s plans for Jacob to be besieged by the canon-sized Sam and Dean, though this idea is only in the planning stages currently, and may change wildly when we begin writing it.

Brothers United pairs tiny Oscar with the weechesters, and will have a very different outcome than Brothers Together did when they were kids… This will be a lot of canon bros growing up with tiny Oscar!

Outside of the BA Multiverse, there’s also Neon’s story Beggars Can’t be Choosers, which involves the Canon Winchesters finding none other than little Oscar in their motel room. It’s from the Angel and the Mouse AU, which began with Quiet as a Mouse (with Castiel, Angel of the Lord, finding Oscar).

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In Brothers Chosen, how would other borrowers react to the trio? Oz? Jake? Imagine Sam and Dean trying to calm down one after catching them, trying to convince them they’re not going to hurt them or keep them as pets… Stan make it a little harder though. P.S. I noticed that Stan and Arthur look really similar- fire red hair, really pale, green eyes. But that’s just a coincidence, right…?


xD This is actually the second time one of my character designs has been compared to one of @nightmares06‘s characters, and I swear it’s not a conscious thing. Stan Baker’s character was designed somewhat on a whim since he was never meant to be fully developed at first. Any resemblance between Stan and Arthur is purely coincidence!


Stan would actually also fit into the 1997 The Borrowers movie with that bright red hair and freckles!


Oscar would be nervous about the three of them right off the bat, but that isn’t very different from how he usually is around new people. He’d be trying to run away from Sam and Dean the best he could, and then he would be very very confused about Stan. Then, once the confusion wore off a little, he would practically cling to the other smol for some comfort in the face of that Winchester Intensity. They loom without trying.

Jacob would be weirded out by Stan, but it would also make him pause enough to listen. So long as he doesn’t manage a good jab with his iron nail, I think it’d be easy to smooth over any misunderstandings (which is kinda rare when Dean and Jacob are up against each other, tbh).

So wait I’ve heard so much about Stan, but are there any stories with him currently out? I can’t seem to find them…

Welp, he is in one of our finished stories, but it hasn’t gotten its chance to post yet!

Stan was first dreamed up in A Burglary at Baker Street, when Dean and Sherlock needed a bit of assistance from a government agent, and he just took off so much right then that he’s become an integral part of the stories written in the Sherlock side of the BA universe!

As it remains, he won’t get his deserved screentime until Burglary is voted in, though we’ll likely work on editing the Chosen stories as well soon.

If you ever want to see more on him, check out the #Agent Stan Baker tag for the human Stan, and the #borrower Stan tag for his smaller self!

Stan Baker belongs to @borrowedtimeandspace! Check out the #Stan Baker tag on her blog for featured art, short stories, and previously answered questions about him!


Art by @ghostquack!

Avenues of life?

And, after a long time full of guesses and fun, we have a winner!

In Avenue of Life, Stan Baker has to decide what to do with his life, now that it’s been given back to him. After being enslaved by a witch, the future is completely open, and that’s a terrifying notion for someone new to freedom.

How many roads must a man walk down?

–The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Time for a sneak peek!

“Well,” Sam started, having difficulty beginning, “you see…”

“We’re not going to make your decisions for you,” Dean interrupted, taking over for Sam. He folded his arms on the table. “As far as we’re concerned, your life is your own.” That statement was near and dear to his heart. After seeing the borrower’s mistreatment at the hands of the witch, Dean wasn’t about to be a party to anything like that.

“So if you want, we can keep you with us and find your old home,” Sam offered, listing out the choices the brothers had come up with during the long ride, “or we can find you somewhere else to live, somewhere away from humans.”

Dean shrugged, hampered slightly by the way his arms were crossed. “Or you can skip out on us now. We’re not keeping you a prisoner just because we’re bigger.”

Stan blinked, a confused frown pinching his brow as his attention switched from brother to brother as they spoke. The notion of being allowed a choice for his life was a foreign concept that didn’t process fully in his mind. To him, it made no sense. Sam and Dean were bigger, much stronger, therefore they held Stan’s more insignificant life in their hands. That made him theirs.

Didn’t it?

“I-I,” he stammered when he realized they were waiting for a response from him. He really didn’t know how to answer.

His only other experience with humans was Nicholas, and the witch would occasionally ask him questions that sounded like the answer would be an opinion or a choice, but there was only one true answer that would make him happy. What the brothers were offering didn’t sound so dissimilar to those, and even if they were otherwise different from Nicholas in almost every way, he didn’t want to make them unhappy.

Your littles are at 1:18 scale. Dean, Sam, and mini Stan are watching an adaptation of The Borrowers set at 1:14 scale. The original Borrowers book sets them at 1:12. It just amuses me how many scales are involved right now. (my younger sibs and I just watched that adaptation of The Borrowers tonight and the scale was mentioned in the special features. The books scale I worked out when I first read them, using the fact that Pod is 6″ tall.)

Scales are fun to play around with! Though I do prefer the smaller scales than the original Borrowers stories have. They’re a little big for me in those stories.

(BA smols are at a 1:19 scale)

Dean would be pretty amused to see Stan next to Pod. He’s so much teenier!


August 7th excerpt:

“She’s gonna get seen! ” Stan hissed, clutching at his hair in distress. His nerves were strung taut and tightened further the longer Arrietty spent in the open, nowhere near cover. All the boy would have to do was glance over, and she’d be noticed.

Sure enough, as Arrietty was getting up to leave, she knocked over an action figure, and it clattered to the floor far below. Stan couldn’t hold on a gasp or keep himself from backing up an inch or two as the human on the screen was alert and after the borrower in his room instantly.

It amuses me every time! Sam and Dean will take good care of the lil nerd!


Bonus excerpt:

Instinctively putting out a hand to reassure Stan, Dean lightly touched the kid’s back, curling his hand around him for a bit of shelter. “Don’t worry, it’s not real,” he reminded him. He didn’t want the movie night to worry the kid into losing hair over it. “I’m sure she’ll figure a way out.”

“Watch!” Sam interrupted, right as the kid slammed a container over the girl’s head.

Stan gave another gasp, scooting closer to Dean’s curled fingers to peek through them. Though he was still highly concerned for Arrietty, Dean’s comforting gesture helped separate him from the movie just enough.

Im sorry to ask this, but in wich stories does Stan appear? Ive seen him all over your blog but never in your stories. (Wich are great by the way, im always waiting for new chapters in all the AU’s) Anyways, keep up the wonderful work! Ive been a fan since 2016-ish, and your stories never fail to bore me! And the g/t is great aswell. Wow, this just turned into a compliment….. But I really do appriciate you!

Ah, thank you so much! Getting comments like this really make my day!

Stan Baker is an OC that belongs to @borrowedtimeandspace. His first appearance will be in the next Brothers Consulted story, A Burglary at Baker Street. He began as a throwaway character with a bit part who was meant to get Sherlock and Dean from point A to point B with minimum fuss, and then he started talking to Dean and just… blossomed. 

((Sherlock was disgruntled))

Thus far in our announced series, Stan will be making appearances in Brothers Consulted, Brothers Kept, Brothers Discovered as a child (he’s just one year older than Dean!), and Brothers Chosen as a borrower.

He’ll likely be seen in any collaboration I do in the British half of the Brothers Apart multiverse with @borrowedtimeandspace, as he’s become one of the most beloved characters when we write, and as you can see, we have a hard time not sharing it with everyone! Trust me, we’re looking forward to when he finally makes his advent in the stories!


Artwork by @mogadeer-art

April 26th excerpt:

Against his judgement, Stan leaned out from his corner a little to survey as much of the area his limited window revealed. While the interior wasn’t anything like he remembered, he recognized the basic elements. Like the case full of pies that Dean was inspecting. It was so odd, seeing pastries that always looked to huge and untouchable in his few memories, but from the human’s perspective.

As if Stan hadn’t already been salivating from the smells alone. They looked all the more appetizing from Dean’s angle.

Zepheera for 32, 37 and 12; Stan Baker for 5, 28 and 38


From this list of not-so-nice OC Questions. Still taking these if you’re curious about my OC’s deep dark secrets

Zepheera [x] [x]

12. Have they ever done something illegal? What was it? 

Seeing as she’s a borrower, human rules and laws don’t really apply to her. If they did, she’d be six feet deep in minor counts of theft.

32. Do they have a bad relationship with their parents?

Yes. She and her mother had a terrible relationship.

37. Have they ever had their freedom taken away?

She’s been trapped at least a couple of times in her life, and in one AU she was caged and experimented on. No fun.

Stan Baker [x]

5. List 3 fears; one “surface level” fear, one “repressed” fear, and one “deep dark” fear.

Here we go.

Surface level: Not in a jump-on-a-chair-in-fright way, but he doesn’t much care for spiders. Too many legs and eyeballs.

Repressed: he fears bringing danger to his loved ones. Nate teases him about being paranoid, but it’s derived from the real risks that come with Stan’s job. He tries to keep it under control, but he takes any precaution he sees necessary to protect Nathan, even wearing his engagement ring on a chain so bad guys don’t notice it and realize he has a loved one to exploit.

Deep dark: In a similar vein, Stan is terrified of letting people down and failing to protect them. For the most part, his confidence in his abilities keeps him from worrying about this too often, but he would fall into a dark place if this fear was ever realized.

28. Is there a certain type of person that disgusts them?

People who show complete disregard for other people’s lives disgust him.

38. Have they ever been imprisoned?

Human Stan has never been to prison or imprisoned. The same cannot be said about borrower Stan.

January 13th excerpt:

“I understand, Sam,” Stan insisted as he automatically hopped onto the offered hand. He had no desire to get grabbed by anyone else and end up starting this whole process over with someone completely new. Someone who might not be as considerate as Sam and Dean had been.

As he climbed up to Sam’s palm, Stan let one of his hands brush past the pad of the thumb as he passed it by. The insanity of the situation hit Stan all at once, him reassuring the giant as he was about to be pocketed by said giant. He shook his head, pondering this strange existence he led now.