So wait I’ve heard so much about Stan, but are there any stories with him currently out? I can’t seem to find them…

Welp, he is in one of our finished stories, but it hasn’t gotten its chance to post yet!

Stan was first dreamed up in A Burglary at Baker Street, when Dean and Sherlock needed a bit of assistance from a government agent, and he just took off so much right then that he’s become an integral part of the stories written in the Sherlock side of the BA universe!

As it remains, he won’t get his deserved screentime until Burglary is voted in, though we’ll likely work on editing the Chosen stories as well soon.

If you ever want to see more on him, check out the #Agent Stan Baker tag for the human Stan, and the #borrower Stan tag for his smaller self!

Stan Baker belongs to @borrowedtimeandspace! Check out the #Stan Baker tag on her blog for featured art, short stories, and previously answered questions about him!


Art by @ghostquack!

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