So wait I’ve heard so much about Stan, but are there any stories with him currently out? I can’t seem to find them…

Welp, he is in one of our finished stories, but it hasn’t gotten its chance to post yet!

Stan was first dreamed up in A Burglary at Baker Street, when Dean and Sherlock needed a bit of assistance from a government agent, and he just took off so much right then that he’s become an integral part of the stories written in the Sherlock side of the BA universe!

As it remains, he won’t get his deserved screentime until Burglary is voted in, though we’ll likely work on editing the Chosen stories as well soon.

If you ever want to see more on him, check out the #Agent Stan Baker tag for the human Stan, and the #borrower Stan tag for his smaller self!

Stan Baker belongs to @borrowedtimeandspace! Check out the #Stan Baker tag on her blog for featured art, short stories, and previously answered questions about him!


Art by @ghostquack!

What will be the next stories up for vote?

During the last poll, the other choices we had were The Ties That Bind (posting currently), There’s No Place Like Home and Dean of Nowhere.

BA will not be in the next poll due to other plans for it.

The only stories we can guarantee is There’s No Place Like Home and Dean of Nowhere. We’ll be working on editing a few other stories before the horror story finishes (and if nightmares manages to pull herself out of this stupor), so we’ll be adding more to that!

NekoNoKami23: What is the estimated buffer zone of stories, like how many stories in between the one currently posting and the one that was just starting to be worked on?
BorrowedTime24601B: It’s hard to say, since they’re chosen to post via poll
Neon: We don’t post any stories until they are finished, edited, and beta’d
Neon: And voted in, of course
BorrowedTime24601B: Stories aren’t added to the poll to be voted in until they’re good and finished
BorrowedTime24601B: which could take any amount of time


81. Thunder

An echo of thunder rolled around Sean, and he dove underneath the scraps of fabric that made up his ‘nest.’

Standing at only three inches in height, the young boy blinked out at the world from his protective cocoon, huge tears flowing from his eyes. This was wrong. Everything was wrong, and he was scared.

Summoned by the yelp he’d heard, Walt Watch limped around the doorway that lead to the room Sean was staying in. The older man held his side tenderly, and Sean remembered hearing that his entire home had caved in on him, knocking him just out of range of a fire that raged. Walt was as lucky as Sean to be alive.

But at least he was used to being small.

“Hey, there,” Walt said, sitting next to Sean’s protective fort. “How are you hanging in?”

Sean said nothing, just blinked blearily at the older man. Another rumble of thunder came, this time with the rhythmic sounds of footsteps accompanying it. That made him dive down, out of sight. He hated the reminder of how small they were.

Walt put a hand on the top of the piled-up fabric. Krissy and Bennett had given up the extra room for Sean, since he wasn’t used to sharing with anyone the way they were. They were staying in the same room as their mother, and Walt had the room next to Sean’s. The young boy reminded him so much of Sam all those years ago. Afraid and alone and lonely. Forced to confront realities that no child deserved.

“Look, they don’t know we’re here,” Walt said wisely. “They won’t hear us, they won’t bother us. Sam once told me that humans had a way of getting through thunderstorms if young children were afraid. He said to just think of it as God getting a shower, and the thunder as his footsteps. Those humans up there are the same. Just walking around, minding their own business.”

Sean peeked out at Walt. “B-but if they find us…” he said in a half-moan of fear.

Walt ruffled his hair. “They won’t,” he promised. “We’ve got a safe home here. Besides, if it wasn’t for humans, we wouldn’t have much to eat, now, would we?”

Sean blinked back at him, looking unconvinced.

“If you want, I can stick around for a bit,” Walt offered. “Staying in a strange place all alone can be scary.”

Sean rubbed his eyes. “I’d like that,” he said shyly. “It’s just all so… different…”

“Sam said the same thing when we first found him,” Walt nodded. Sean’s wide eyes encouraged him to continue. Though Sean had never met Sam, he’d heard all about his rescuer from Krissy and Bennett. “He was just about your age back then…”

Walt told stories about Sam’s first days cursed until Sean couldn’t hold his eyes open any longer, and the young boy drifted off to sleep.


Now that things have settled down, this is just a public notice. Any fanart or fanfiction based on Brothers Apart is more than welcome! I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page.

  • If you write a story based on BA (or any of the AUs), make sure to credit and link back to the original story so people can find it.
  • Send me a link because I loooove reading the stories people come up with!
  • If it fits into any of the AUs, I might ask if you want the story to be canon, and then will count it as part of the AU from then on!
  • The more the merrier, if you want to create your own AU, feel free! It’s addicting, I promise.

In that line of thought, there are two stories from contest that graduated to canon! I’ve talked with the writers, and they love the idea.

For Brothers Unexpected, the story by @neonthewritePinky Promise is now canon. Sam found himself the tiniest man in his room, and a day later has to deal with being even tinier!

For The Incredible Shrinking Winchester prompt-verse, the great story from TorchMLPA Dwindling Perspective is now canon. Check it out if you want to see a sliver of what Sam went through while his entire world grew too big to see!

Hopefully these aren’t the only two stories I get to include in the great AUs we’re building! Make sure to support your fellow artists and let them know what you think of those fics! Soon I will include links to them in the masterpost of stories for all to enjoy! Thank you all so much for everything you’ve done, and I wait excitedly to see which story wins the poll!

Don’t be afraid to enter! All skill levels are welcome, and I won’t be biased towards how good your layout is, that’s for sure. This is about having fun and writing for the series the way you see it, or what you envision for it.

Everyone makes mistakes, you should have seen me trying to edit the stories for the books. My own stuff makes me cringe some days, and I really hope all that work was worth it. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Oh, and @neonthewrite was scared to write Sam and Dean during the contest last year. Even after all this time, she’s still scared to write the brothers. So you’re never alone in being nervous.

(I’ve been stuck on just mobile before, I know just how you feel)

Inspiring Stories to Read

In case you were ever wondering where I go to find inspiration, here’s a few of my favorite stories to read over and over again online! All gt except the last one (unless you count Dean as a kid), some supernatural, some not!

Deanzilla vs. Hydros
Measure of a Man
Frozen Memories

Dean slays a monster, only to become pretty monstrous himself. But Dean’s not about to let a little-okay, very big-size issue stop him from kicking *** and taking names.

By: nej47 on fanfiction || mamajamallama on deviantart

A Rare Sense of Humor

In which the Trickster (Gabriel) takes it upon himself to teach Sam Winchester a lesson. So naturally, he shrinks him down to 6 inches and sends both brothers on a confusing quest throughout New York City and beyond!

By Obsess-Confess and giantgirl on deviantart || @little-miss-maggie

Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood (deviantart link)

Bowman is a wood sprite living in the Wellwood forest. Life for the wood sprites is simple and routine, until Bowman meets a trio of unprecedented outsiders. The newcomers appear to be creatures right out of the old folktales, but no one could have imagined that a human being would tower over even the largest wood sprite.

By PL1 on deviantart || @neonthewrite

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Given an opportunity to change his family’s destiny, Dean Winchester finds himself back in 1983 as his four year old self, yet with his adult memories still intact. But can he alter the events of that tragic night? And if so, will young Dean, his family, and Castiel be ready to survive all the evil that destiny has in store for them?

By What You See in the Shadows

More to come in the future! These wonderful writers are an inspiration to me every day