Im sorry to ask this, but in wich stories does Stan appear? Ive seen him all over your blog but never in your stories. (Wich are great by the way, im always waiting for new chapters in all the AU’s) Anyways, keep up the wonderful work! Ive been a fan since 2016-ish, and your stories never fail to bore me! And the g/t is great aswell. Wow, this just turned into a compliment….. But I really do appriciate you!

Ah, thank you so much! Getting comments like this really make my day!

Stan Baker is an OC that belongs to @borrowedtimeandspace. His first appearance will be in the next Brothers Consulted story, A Burglary at Baker Street. He began as a throwaway character with a bit part who was meant to get Sherlock and Dean from point A to point B with minimum fuss, and then he started talking to Dean and just… blossomed. 

((Sherlock was disgruntled))

Thus far in our announced series, Stan will be making appearances in Brothers Consulted, Brothers Kept, Brothers Discovered as a child (he’s just one year older than Dean!), and Brothers Chosen as a borrower.

He’ll likely be seen in any collaboration I do in the British half of the Brothers Apart multiverse with @borrowedtimeandspace, as he’s become one of the most beloved characters when we write, and as you can see, we have a hard time not sharing it with everyone! Trust me, we’re looking forward to when he finally makes his advent in the stories!


Artwork by @mogadeer-art

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