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Aw, don’t worry! All good things must come to an end, because that means that new things will begin!

#ababs has passed its halfway point, but there’s plenty more coming! After all, we haven’t seen Stan Baker enter the story since his scene in A Briefing, and this story is his debut in the Brothers Consulted universe! Sam and Dean haven’t been reunited with Moira, who’s very worried for her crazy older brothers, and Euan and his lackeys are still out there!

Technically, the next story after Burglary is actually a continuation of this one, because there’s far too much to even wrap up in one go, so you’ll see lots of these characters still around in Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts. It’ll post between things, because it is a series of short stories that follow the characters and shows what happens between Burglary and the next big story.

Thank you for making such wonderful stories ^^ you have so much talent for writing omg I’m hoping to write my own stuff soon and seeing the stuff people make on Tumblr is really inspiring

Thank you so much! 

We love to share our stories, it’s a big part of why we write! I hope you go for it! Writing is addicting, and it’s impossible to stop once you start!

And stick around for plenty more stories 😉 We love hearing from you.

Hi! I love your writing ^^. I stumbled upon Brothers Consulted and read the entire story in one go! I’m slowly reading through your other works but I’d just like to ask when we can expect to read more about Dean, Sam, Sherlock and John. I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this question or posted about it ^^’ Thank you!

It’s so good to hear that you enjoyed it! Sherlock and John are certainly fun additions to the stories ^^

There is a tiny series of short stories that’s placed before The Study of the Four that I wrote out while doing prompts, if you haven’t seen them yet. You can find them under this link.

We actually do have other prequel ideas that we might post in the future, it’s fun thinking of all the ways Sam and Dean nearly got caught!

And of course, we’ve got plenty more planned for this AU 😉

When the next story posting poll comes around, we’ll have the sequel to Study in it, A Burglary at Baker Street. Make sure to vote for it to see the return of BC!

If you want to see the excerpts we have posted for Brothers Consulted, check out these tags on the tumblr: #ababs, #a:asocs, #adod and #thoaw.

So, there’s plenty more coming, stay tuned and keep an eye out!

Artwork by @justanothergiant

I know I just sent in a different ask, but this is more of a fan mail! I want to say how awesome this in depth world that you have created is! The amount of time that you all have put into this shows with the background of Celeste and the reveal of the knacks! It must have been crazy to have that all set up and then NOT reveal it for so long! I know I have said this before, but it needs to be said again; Amazing Job!!!

Ah, thank you so much! It means the world to me to hear this!

I think it’s been a minimum of two years I’ve had to sit on the reveals now. They really pulled together after Taken was finally finished. Celeste for a bit had two different possibilities for how she could go, though when I realized her full story, it all fell together and made sense

She was never just a witch though. Not even the day I started writing Brothers Apart.

Her full backstory wasn’t completed until after Brothers Consulted was moving along. Not because I didn’t know what it was, distantly, but because up until then it was some ‘she started her experiments in Britain and then moved elsewhere’ because I wanted the original discovery of the ‘borrowers’ to line up with the books that were written there. Once BC started, again the story fell together like it was meant to be.

For a wee tidbit, Celeste isn’t the only witch of the multiverse, and there are two linked specifically to her. The first shows up briefly in her backstory, and the second won’t show up for some time in a future story. The three of them will complete the Chaos alignment– Chaotic evil, Chaotic neutral, Chaotic good, and they’re certainly going to throw the world for a spin if they ever land in the same room at once.

Im sorry to ask this, but in wich stories does Stan appear? Ive seen him all over your blog but never in your stories. (Wich are great by the way, im always waiting for new chapters in all the AU’s) Anyways, keep up the wonderful work! Ive been a fan since 2016-ish, and your stories never fail to bore me! And the g/t is great aswell. Wow, this just turned into a compliment….. But I really do appriciate you!

Ah, thank you so much! Getting comments like this really make my day!

Stan Baker is an OC that belongs to @borrowedtimeandspace. His first appearance will be in the next Brothers Consulted story, A Burglary at Baker Street. He began as a throwaway character with a bit part who was meant to get Sherlock and Dean from point A to point B with minimum fuss, and then he started talking to Dean and just… blossomed. 

((Sherlock was disgruntled))

Thus far in our announced series, Stan will be making appearances in Brothers Consulted, Brothers Kept, Brothers Discovered as a child (he’s just one year older than Dean!), and Brothers Chosen as a borrower.

He’ll likely be seen in any collaboration I do in the British half of the Brothers Apart multiverse with @borrowedtimeandspace, as he’s become one of the most beloved characters when we write, and as you can see, we have a hard time not sharing it with everyone! Trust me, we’re looking forward to when he finally makes his advent in the stories!


Artwork by @mogadeer-art

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I know this response came in after I posted the last update, so I’m going to link you right back to it, where the first bulletpoint is about what we’re changing.

If that’s not enough for you, there’s no other way for it on tumblr with the mobile limitations. Feel free to visit my deviantart, where I took the time to arrange all the story links to all the different sites.

I’m trash for anything you write tbh. XD.

I love you, never leave

Keep doin whatcha doin

You too

More art of the brothers

That art costs me $$, of which I have none. We accept all fanart to the blog, but actually commissioning artwork for the stories happens when the writers have inspiration and money.

Links to fanwork of ba and other stories from all platforms. Maybe a complete masterlist of all deviant art and ao3 fanworks?

Working on it, hopefully.