Hi! I love your writing ^^. I stumbled upon Brothers Consulted and read the entire story in one go! I’m slowly reading through your other works but I’d just like to ask when we can expect to read more about Dean, Sam, Sherlock and John. I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this question or posted about it ^^’ Thank you!

It’s so good to hear that you enjoyed it! Sherlock and John are certainly fun additions to the stories ^^

There is a tiny series of short stories that’s placed before The Study of the Four that I wrote out while doing prompts, if you haven’t seen them yet. You can find them under this link.

We actually do have other prequel ideas that we might post in the future, it’s fun thinking of all the ways Sam and Dean nearly got caught!

And of course, we’ve got plenty more planned for this AU 😉

When the next story posting poll comes around, we’ll have the sequel to Study in it, A Burglary at Baker Street. Make sure to vote for it to see the return of BC!

If you want to see the excerpts we have posted for Brothers Consulted, check out these tags on the tumblr: #ababs, #a:asocs, #adod and #thoaw.

So, there’s plenty more coming, stay tuned and keep an eye out!

Artwork by @justanothergiant

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