It’s so good to hear you enjoy them! 😀 😀 I’m so glad you enjoy my little curse!verse of Supernatural we’ve got going on over here in our little corner of the world. 

Yep, that one is absolutely one of mine. I don’t think we’ve given it a page of its own because it’s a series of shorts so far, but we do have in-depth plans of tiny Dean and his Sasquatch for the future!

Brothers Saved–

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Enjoy these two dorks and their continuing adventures when they appear! And I do love to get prompts and ideas for them, feel free to send any in, and if anyone wants to commission a specific scenario for them, always feel free! Commissioning it means I’ll 100% do it (canon or not), prompts may or may not be answered depending on inspiration/time.

Cute lil sketch of our lil Dean by @mogadeer!

;w; You are so sweet, and I’ve read your stories since before I ever dreamed up any of my Supernatural GT stories!

I can’t believe how long it’s been. It feels like yesterday that I thought of “but what if Sam didn’t get back to normal?” when I was looking for something to funnel my inspiration into.

How far it’s come from there.

It means everything that you’ve followed the stories since the beginning! And it’ll keep getting better from here!


If she’s really shy, let her know she can comment as a guest if she wants! Either on tumblr, through asks, or archive of our own/fanfiction. All of those will do anonymous/guest comments, and there’s no need to leave a name. We love to hear from people, but we don’t want anyone uncomfortable!

Deviantart is the only system that does not let anyone comment anonymously, annoyingly enough.

We don’t bite! Seriously, we’re just dorks having a grand ole time, comments and critiques are always welcome!


That’s probably the first time I’ve heard that reaction to any of our stories XD Better watch out with them, they might be on their way to discovering what vore is (one of the parts of g/t I initially had a phobia of and now don’t mind at all), and sending off all the characters they write to a quick end.

I’m glad to hear you like our story enough to share! Apparently it wasn’t violent enough for them XD Eating all the sprites. Bowman would be offended.


To say the least. Bowman would have to avoid these nieces of yours on principal, because they sound like a lot of trouble for the poor sprites. Not for eating!

XD At the very least, they all know deep inside which Sam or Dean or Oscar or Jacob or Bowman is theirs, so they can keep track of their own AU family. Otherwise it’s pandemonium, everything and anything goes!

So glad you’re enjoying it! More will come soon, we promise! We continue our way through the other stories already released to work up to the present day.

Oscar is unanimously adopted by everyone. And he doesn’t mind that one bit. He’s so shy around new people, but he appreciates that they all look out for him and make sure they won’t cause him trouble while he’s exploring.


Aa, thank you so much! This message cheered me right up after a long day. It means so much to all three of us to know that our stories are loved (boy do I wish Supernatural would do something like this). So long as we’ve got readers like you we don’t need to be famous! We’ve got our smol family here for support.

We’ve got Bothering Bowman posting next (starting Sunday May 21st), the second story in Brothers Found (and the prequel to the horror story), and after that Brothers Together will continue! 

Once those two are all finished, we’ll be putting up a vote to see what story people want next, and the choices will include (at the minimum) the next Brothers Apart, the horror story, and the next Brothers Lost!

Artwork by @mogadeer!