Brothers Adopted has begun, and we’re going to let you all in on a secret! Remember this picture?


… That’s not from Brothers Adopted. It never happened in that series.

We just never bothered correcting anyone who thought big Dean and tiny Jake were from that series. It’s from an AU that was never guessed, yet has two stories written for it already! So, if anyone figures it out, we’ll let you in on the secret 😉 

A bit of divergent fun with our characters.

Artwork by @mogadeer

Aww, thank you! It’s so nice to hear that X3

Brothers Switched sounds perfect. I like that name. The only other one I had was Brothers Reversed.

I think Brothers Found would fit it great. Dean has to come in eventually… hopefully. Just depends on how it happens and if he knows/realizes who Sam is. That’s currently the most likely title for the series!

Here’s hoping someone figures out the mystery AU! I’ll have to go digging for a sneak peek if that happens.

It’s a good guess, but nope, the witch has not found Sam in this AU! I’m glad you’re excited for them, I’m gonna by dying of excitement by the time they’re all cleaned up and ready to post. And of course, maybe I’ll have even more AU’s by the time we get there.

So far we’ve got:

  1. Brothers Together
  2. Brothers Lost
  3. Kid finds Sam (really needs a name)
  4. Unknown (already has three stories sketched out in it 😉 I keep busy)