Destiel question (2)

ray7and13-blog-blog asked:

Do you think you’d ever be open to introducing Cas and if so do you ship Destiel?

I, personally, am a non-shipper, but I don’t mind anyone who wants to ship the characters in my stories with other characters!

As for Castiel, he actually already is in the stories!

If you check out Brothers Apart, Castiel appears in Brothers Apart 14: Bittersweet Parting. I don’t recommend reading it without catching up with the other stories, as it directly ties into the events that happen throughout the second season.

You can find a full list of the stories here if you needed the link.

Castiel will be seen more in Brothers Apart and a few other BA AUs, but he isn’t a majorly featured character, as these stories are focused more on the Winchesters. His part in the story is very important, but brief.

Destiel question

jayadawnyvonne asked:

An idea/question Do u ship destiel ? Because what if tiny dean/ or big dean finds a smol cass in the walls with sam ?? Instead of cass being an angel ?

Well, personally I don’t really ship any of the major ships on Supernatural, and I tend to avoid posts on them for the most part. You won’t see any ships featured directly in the Brothers Apart series, but of course feel free to interpret the characters however you choose.

WITH THAT SAID, I do know this amazing little fic where Castiel lives in the walls of a motel with his family and encounters the Winchesters… I highly recommend it! It’s angsty and fluffy, and one of my favorite g/t fics that I discovered on Archive of Our Own. 

Go check out Little Angels by besully (Briar_Elwood)

Six-inch tall Castiel lives his life collecting trinkets from the residents of Paradise Motel, quietly sneaking in and out, never being seen. One morning he’s almost seen by two new residents: Sam and Dean Winchester who are checking out a supposed haunting at the motel. Turns out, they’re not really after a ghost….

Castiel even has his wings!

Would it be rude to AU headcanon Stan/Dean as a ship?? *hides because I feel bad bc Nathan is a sweetie*


I don’t think it’s rude at all! Headcanons are headcanons for a reason. @nightmares06 writes Dean as straight and Stan is in a relationship by the time they meet in Brothers Consulted, so they won’t end up a couple at all in our stories, but it’s perfectly fine to think up your own versions of the story as long as you don’t demand we make it canon.

I can’t wait to write about Stan and Nathan, though. Nate’s just the right amount of chill to go along with whatever shenanigans his secret agent brings home.


(Artwork of Nathan by @ghostquack)

Aww! XD Stan and Dean are at the very least, the brotp of the AU.

While in BC canon, Stan is certainly head over heels for Nathan, there’s no denying Dean’s natural charm. He would respect their size differences, and of course Dean’s own preference for women (In BAverse canon, he remains straight). 

If Dean found himself at the same height as Stan, and Stan was unattached, Dean might have a fiery redhead crushing on him for a bit XD Stan falling a bit for that natural charm before they manage to untangle it.

We did make a few ship names for them XD You’re not the only one that loves those two dorks. (St)an and D(ean) for Stean, and (Win)chester and Ba(ker) for Winker. Which do you guys like? Any other ideas?


Art by @mogadeer!

Romance is fine, sex is not. I’m asexual, so it’s not that I’m bothered by the thought of romance. That would make me aromantic, which I am not. It’s that I don’t understand sex at all. It baffles me which is why you won’t see me write it. It’s like trying to go out and write a quantum mechanics textbook when all you got for an overview in physics was a ten minute introduction course where Sheldon got himself hung up on the beginning of his planned syllabus. 

Ship who you want with Sam. In the storyline that’s planned, his romantic future is already charted out. ❤