July 19th excerpt:

“We both will,” came a deeper voice, and Sam gave a start, looking up to find just the corner of Dean’s eye looking towards them. It was difficult for Dean to interact with them on his shoulder, but not impossible.

Dean smirked at Sam’s surprise. “Do you really think I can’t hear you there, pint-size?” He shook his head mournfully, a joke sparkling in his eye. “I thought you knew better.”

Sam huffed with frustration, and Walt had to stifle a chuckle at his expense.

July 15th excerpt:

A distant “Come in!” made its way to where they stood, and Sam and Dean both frowned in unison, a silent look passing between them.

“What is it?” Walt asked warily, disliking the way the air filled with tension.

“Might be nothing,” Dean muttered, his voice staying low for them.

“Might be something,” Sam interjected, one hand tight on Dean’s collar while the other rested against his brother’s neck.

June 19th excerpt:

“Just… don’t move,” Dean warned Sherlock severely.

I can’t believe I’m about to do this.

Before he could rethink his actions, Dean stood on his tiptoes on Sherlock’s shoulder, stretching to reach the black curls that cascaded down from above. Never once had Dean ever considered climbing up there, yet here he was.

January 7th excerpt:

The man was not exactly subtle as he looked over at Sherlock’s shoulder, and that was to Dean’s advantage.

Dean glanced over at Stan, the scarf still draped down around his seat instead of wrapped to keep him hidden. His shoulders remained squared, keeping his bearing as proud as he’d ever been. He might be small, but he wasn’t about to let that get him down now.

“Somethin’ on my face?” Dean asked Stan. He briefly reached up to brush at his hair and make sure it was properly spiked.