December 28th excerpt:

Stan’s tiny green eyes flicked back up to Sam, only to drop shyly back down. It was startling to look up and suddenly find himself face to face with a toothy grin wider than he was tall. And while he was mostly sure that he didn’t have to worry about anything from it, the hunters had given him nothing to say for sure that he didn’t.

Either way, the sight of those large teeth did little more than make Stan cringe. His bones were so thin compared to the humans’ fingers, and it was hard for Stan to banish the image of how easily he could snap in half between those incisors.

January 31st excerpt:

“Trail mix, jerky … a gas station would have pretty good options,” Jacob mused.

“Granola bars!” Sam chimed in, his ears only slightly aflame when Dean peered down at him.

Dean chose not to comment on Sam’s sudden burst of shyness, recognizing it for what it was. Sam was trying not to ask for something for himself, afraid of the fact that he couldn’t finish it by himself, or that he couldn’t help Dean buy it. Instead, he nodded. “I think we can manage that,” he said with a slight smile as he pulled the Impala out of her parking spot, leaving the motel room without its guardian now that they were all in the car.

What Oscar becomes in the future will be all up to him, but he’s sure to want to watch after his Dean if he gets into any trouble. It isn’t likely he’ll ever stop being shy, since that’s an innate part of his nature, as much as Dean is stubborn and headstrong even when he’s not quite four inches tall, but there will be a definite effect on him from being around Dean, just like there was in BT when Oscar met Sam and Dean both.

For the rest, we’ll have to see what the future holds!


Artwork by Heartstores