October 18th excerpt:

Tucking his arms close, Dean let himself relax against the trunk of the tree. Now that he was away from the bustle of the small town they were staying in, too far off to hear the cars thunder down the street or any other sounds of humanity, all the exhaustion he’d staved off from the completion of their hunt the night before came rushing back, falling over Dean like a heavy blanket. His eyelids fluttered, trying to stay open to watch Stan in the forest, then closing again with some finality.

March 25th excerpt:

Dean reached forward, stroking Sam’s back with a light finger to wake him. “Hey, kiddo.”

With a small groan, Sam peered up at Dean, flinching from the light. “Whuu…”

As quietly as he could to avoid waking the others, Dean went on. “You might want to loosen up a little on your teddy bear there,” he told Sam, hiding a smile at the confusion.

February 20th excerpt:

As his two little brothers returned to safety, Dean shifted in place with a content mumble. He briefly reached across to itch at the arm they’d climbed up, rubbing the fabric where Sam and Jacob’s path had been. Then, he rested the hand close to the pocket, a thumb draped over the bottom. Letting out a deep sigh, he sank fully back into sleep.

So far, not yet.

Sam mostly sticks on either the shoulder or the pocket. He’s fallen asleep in both places multiple times. He doesn’t usually travel in the hands very often, mostly because Dean needs them to drive or research, and Sam’s very independent. The time in Taken was unique because there wasn’t anywhere else safe for Sam to stay for the ride back, and his time being trapped was exhausting. He was out like a light.