Bowman vs full-sized hoomins

anonymous asked:

In Brothers Found, Bowman was found by 2 humans and 1 tiny, what if they (Sam, Dean and Jacob) were all human size and Bowman was the only one his size? And BTW your stories are so awesome.

Well, for starters, all three giants would likely get bitten at least once (and Dean probably more than once). Bowman doesn’t carry any weapons and he may be a pacifist, but he’s not afraid to act in whatever defense he can. That includes chomping on any fingers that get in the way, and also slinging as many insults as he can.

He covers his fear with snark, and being caught by three giants– all of them big dudes even among humans– would really scare the poor sprite. He’d be snarking up a storm, but they’d also probably be able to see how wired he was. Especially if they decided to take him out of the forest; he would be fighting that every step of the way and they’d have a very frantic sprite on their hands.

Most likely, Jacob would be on babysitting duty for the sprite. He’d mind all the biting the least, and would keep Bowman out of the more experienced hunters’ way until they could all regroup and find out more about him.

September 13th excerpt:

One giant walking in the woods makes a racket, but two is almost enough to chase even the clouds away,” Bowman groused, though there was a smirk in his eyes.

“We’ve already been over my ‘stalking’ skills, haven’t we?” Dean asked sternly, the glint in his eyes belying the serious tone he’d taken. He cracked the first grin he’d had that day, glad to see their old friend, hale and hearty despite the trials of the last few weeks. Sam and Dean had very few people they’d consider friends, and Bowman was one of the exceptions who knew and associated equally with both brothers. “Good to see ya, small fry.”

March 21st excerpt:

Sam rolled his eyes, nudging Jacob good-naturedly with an elbow. “I could give Bowman a piggyback if I tried,” he snarked back gamely, knowing his own strength. “So unless you’ve been putting on some weight that you’ve been hiding, I’ll be fine.”

Dean would be a little more hesitant to stab if he was caught by a woman. Not so gung-ho with his knife, and trying to take things slower. He’ll still defend himself if he has to, but he’ll try to talk things out (laying on the charm real thick).

If Dean caught a tiny girl, he’d feel just awful XD As we’ve seen, both brothers flail when a girl or woman gets emotional on them, so some tears and he’ll be hard-pressed to keep her trapped. How dangerous can she be?

(If she’s sassy instead of teary, there will be many snark battles between them before they get anywhere. He can’t resist a sass off.)

Sam and Bree have more of a brother-sister relationship, and that would be enhanced if he grew up with her. He’d look out for her, and they’d grow close throughout the years, but he wouldn’t flirt with her. Krissy might not be his type, but he’d be more likely to flirt with her.

January 6th excerpt:

“I see we’re back to offering hands,” Dean said snidely as he stepped onto Sherlock’s hand. Being grabbed the last few times hadn’t gone unnoticed by the tiny man, though he had more important things on his mind at the time.