March 25th excerpt:

Flipping the cards back into one pile, Dean held them close to his hand so Stan could get a better look. “With these, we can get into what we need, and they don’t find out who we are, so they can’t arrest us. It’s really a win-win situation, whatever the cops say. We don’t get our asses in jail, they get the monsters they don’t believe in killed off.”

“Ohh, okay,” Stan nodded in understanding. Humans were huge and couldn’t be quite that stealthy. Even Stan couldn’t on his own, his lack of training and red hair a dead giveaway without a spell hiding him.

“So, it’s like a glamour spell, but without the magic,” Stan inferred aloud, managing to put it in a way that made it relatable to his experience.

The brothers – To keep it interesting, I’d say Sam ends up swapping into Jacob, and Dean into Sam! That makes Jacob the shortest of the group, and poor Sam, who has the least experience being full-sized, finds himself too tall! He might not even get as far as discovering how strong he is now considering how nervous he’d be around the two really tiny guys. While Dean’s just complaining about how long Sam’s hair is and it gets in his eyes and how can you deal with this Sam.

Jacob – Jacob would be super weirded out to see how big everything is. He’d also have to concede that, yes, he very much does seem to stomp around and cause earthquakes. He’d have to hope the Sam-swapped-Dean was able to get over the shock enough to look after him, because he doesn’t have the skills like the brothers do for surviving that smol!

That would be entertaining! Dean could do all kinds of things if he could swap sizes whenever he wants. He could discover what the world Sam lives in looks like, be even better at breaking into houses, and find out things about his Impala that no one else will ever know.

I hope Sam wouldn’t be jealous that his older brother got to change sizes whenever he wants, though.