1. What is the maximum amount of time your character can sit still with nothing to do?

I give him three days, tops, and that’s generous. He’s a very action-oriented person, always needs to busy himself somehow. Poor Nathan would have a very anxious Stan bugging him for something to do, he’s fallen down too many YouTube rabbit holes and is going a little nuts.

Poor Stan has been cooped up for too long. Long enough to apparently pick up the ukulele.

Lots of love and thanks to @ghostquack for bringing this to life! Inspiration for this lil bit of silliness comes originally from this vine and a conversation with @neonthewrite.

September 26th excerpt:

Not wanting to overwhelm Dean, Nate decided to skip over a few of the more intense details of the house. The hidden armory, the panic room basement, the hidden room designed to trap potential intruders. There was no need to freak Dean out any more when Stan had already done a fine enough job of that on his own.

September 25th excerpt:

By the time he made his way back to the staircase to start showing Dean the remaining two floors, Stan had finished up feeding Juno and worked up the courage to join Nate and Dean on the tour. He’d had more than a few moments to compose himself and he tried to smile at his fiance, though he still had a questioning look in his eyes. Nate tried to project reassurance, but neither of them were willing to talk over Dean’s head about it.

They both knew they were in for a long talk, but it would have to wait. Dean took priority for now.

July 6th excerpt:

“I happened to notice the shop, and there were cages, and there was one that I… I dunno, I just couldn’t…" 

 Another sigh from Nathan. “What’s their name? ” he asked, resigned.

"Dean,” said Stan with a small smile, hopeful that Nathan would come around and be on his side on this one.

July 4th excerpt:

“Nate… and Stan,” Dean repeated, recalling their introductions from before. He scrunched up his face. “Nathan and Stanley?” was next, wondering if he was to call them by their full names.

Stan’s brow jumped up and his attention turned from his phone to Dean. He couldn’t help a small chuckle to himself, he hadn’t been called ‘Stanley’ since he was little.

“Just Stan is fine by me,” he assured Dean. “No one really calls me Stanley. Pretty sure Nate goes by both, though, whatever you feel like calling him. He won’t mind either way.”