Catching up

Anonymous asked:

Oof so it’s been awhile since I’ve checked this blog, mind updating me on what stories are currently running? I need to know how much catching up I need to do

Hey, no worries! Life happens to us all!

I’ve actually made a few useful pages for this, in case anyone needs some updates or falls a little behind!

You can find a directory to all the stories and links to the different websites right over here – The Stories

That link gets updated when we start posting a new story, so it’s always up to date.

If you’re interested in where we are with future stories and how the writing is going, you can look at this page – Current Status of All AUs

It has a list of all our announced future stories, along with a link to a sneak peek of each!

As for what we’re currently posting, Brothers Consulted has its second story going up currently. A Burglary at Baker Street. After it is completed, there will be a brief hiatus, and then we’ll be putting up the next story in the Brothers Lost saga, There’s No Place Like Home!

Further sneak peeks can be found on our Sneak Peeks page, and let me know if you have any more questions! We love to hear back!

More brothers united? (pls?)

We’re still working on this story a bit, but you can be sure that there will be plenty on the way!

“I kinda like games,” Oscar recalled shyly. “I used ta play a game with a button, where I’d, um,” he almost faltered as sheepishness settled in. Humans had plenty of options for much more interesting things. “I’d try to make it roll for as far as I could get it and then have to catch it before it fell over…” He shrugged at the end of his explanation and fidgeted on the hand.


Artwork by @mogadeer!

Fun Facts!

I was drunk when I wrote most of Shadows and Reflections. On my parents couch in Florida, waiting for Thanksgiving dinner and given an entire bottle of champagne… One of my few exceptions to my rule of very little alcohol in my life. I like to think the story turned out great because of it. Got Sam and Bobby’s first encounter all squared away.

Current length of each AU, including what’s been posted:

  • Brothers Apart – 12th story in progress
  • Brothers Lost – 7th story in progress
  • Brothers Found – 4 stories
  • Brothers Asunder – 4 stories
  • Brothers Adopted – 3 stories
  • Brothers Unexpected – 1 story
  • Brothers Together – 1 story