Brothers Saved: Burgers, Bacon and Bobby

Bobby, naturally, has his own way with the kids, and likely understands how Dean is feeling a lot better. He’s here to support them both!

Tomorrow the story will continue, in Brothers Saved: Hidden Entrances.

Sam and Bobby were quick with the meal. Throughout the preparation time, Bobby hadn’t pried about what upset the young kid, his cheeks bright and splotchy while he blinked more often than usual. It was obvious Sam was trying to recover from whatever John had told him, but Bobby couldn’t hear what had gone down in the library.

Nudging Sam in the arm, Bobby winked at him. “Got some of Dean’s favorite,” he said. “Why don’t you be the one to bring it to him.”

The creases in Sam’s face vanished as he looked up at Bobby finally. Up until then he’d just been punching the ground meat and forcing it into the shape of a patty. Nothing a kid couldn’t handle.

The expression on Sam’s face was so hopeful, Bobby couldn’t stop a faint smile of his own. “You bet,” he said, answering Sam’s unspoken question. He gestured at the bag of food that he’d brought in. “Plenty of bacon he can put on his burger, and some pie for later.”

Sam’s shoulders fell again. “But Dean’s too small for a burger,” he said petulantly. “How’s he ‘upposed to eat it?” His voice hiccuped as he talked, giving Bobby insight that Sam was more upset than he was letting on.

John Winchester needed to figure out a way to relate to these kids without being so hamfisted. Bobby silently swore. One kid was too small to defend himself and the other was much too young.

“We’ll make one special for Dean,” Bobby said, trying to make light of the situation for Sam’s sake. “Just you watch.”

He chided the kid to the sink to wash up, then gave Sam one of the juice boxes they’d picked up on the way back. Considering that John had planned on just leaving the kid with the hot dogs and water for however long it took to hunt the witch down, Bobby had prevailed on him to pick up more useful provisions. Kids needed more than meat and water, whatever John thought they could survive on.

Sam sat at the table, watching with watery eyes as Bobby took one of the burgers and diced it down into much smaller segments. He tested with several, ended up with Sam eating a few of the pieces that didn’t work out, until he had one that stayed together and fit on a small pinch of bun that Bobby judged would come close to the size Dean would need to eat. 

Selecting one of the pieces of bacon sizzling in the pan next to the burgers, Bobby handed it off to Sam, keeping the kid involved. “See what you can do with that for Dean,” he encouraged Sam. “He’s probably starved for some real food.”

This got Sam’s first real smile since Bobby had come, and while he finished up the last few burgers, Sam sat there, biting his tongue and delicately putting together the smallest burger so it was just right. A sliver of tomato, the tiniest bit of lettuce, several crumbs of bacon, and the bun pinched around everything.

Bobby was glad to see some life in the younger Winchester boy as he worked diligently on the food for Dean. When he finished prepping the other sandwiches, he handed one off to Sam. “Don’t forget to bring Dean some ketchup,” he advised, adding a bottle cap to the pile and a second juice box. “He’ll feel the better with food in him.”

” ‘Kay,” Sam replied blithely, the pad of his feet running to the library echoing behind him as Bobby followed, suppressing a smile as he heard Sam loudly proclaiming the meal they had ahead of them.

Then Bobby was in the room, handing off a burger to John before he could say a word to Sam about only bringing food for the two of them.

“Hey, Dean,” Bobby said, keeping his voice soft. 

Dean glanced up, obviously stiff as he nodded in Bobby’s direction. “Thank you for the food, sir,” he responded.

Bobby had to hide a frown of disapproval at the formal way Dean was talking. It wasn’t like the kid, normally so cocky and full of confidence.

Not a word was said when they shared out the food, but Bobby could see the way that Dean inched his seat closer to Sam’s, sticking close to the person he knew the best.

Bobby would have given anything to be a fly on the wall while Dean and John had been in there alone, just to hear what the man had told his son, considering how fragile Dean’s position currently was and how delicate his state of mind must be. 

Brothers Saved: Homecoming

And we’re back!

It’s been a while since we visited the Brothers Saved pair, and we left them before John Winchester returned home with Bobby Singer, which is right where this fic pics up! 

Tomorrow the story will continue, in Brothers Saved: Burgers and Bacon and Bobby.

You can find the rest of their story at Archive of Our Own.

“Sam, we’re back!”

The thunderous voice echoed around the Winchester brothers. Sam perked up as he glanced towards the front door, not noticing the way Dean stiffened to hear their father’s deep voice for the first time since he’d woken up just a few inches in height.

John was an intimidating figure on the best of days, and with Dean’s height cut down to a fraction of his original, that would only be heightened. 

“In here!” Sam called, letting the hunters know they were in the library.

Without the ability to go picking through the junked cars out back, there was very little that Dean found interesting to do at Bobby Singer’s house. Due to John’s orders given to Sam before leaving, Dean had stuck close to Sam the entire time since waking up. It helped them both, in a way. Sam didn’t worry so much when Dean was in sight and Dean used it to reassure himself that things weren’t as changed as they felt.

Times like this made Dean doubt that assertion. 

Thudding footsteps made their way through the house. One set split from the other, and Dean could hear Bobby in the kitchen, likely fussing over all the calls he’d missed since joining up with John to help the Winchester family.

Part of Dean wished that Bobby had come to see them in the library, the other part of him knew he would have a hard enough time with just one new giant, never mind a second.

He’d adjusted to Sam over the last two days, spending a lot of time within arm’s reach of the younger Winchester kid. Sam had stayed true to his word, and kept the amount of handling Dean to a minimum, letting his older brother decide if he wanted to change rooms or stay where they were. Only a few times had Sam forgot himself and reached for Dean before offering a hand. 

They were both adjusting, as best as they could.

When Dean has asked about John and Bobby’s extended absence, Sam had shrugged. “They checked in once a day before you woke up, and Bobby made sure to keep the kitchen stocked,” he’d explained. “They’ll be back soon.”

Now that they were, Dean wasn’t ready.

Plodding footsteps preceding him, the threshold of the door to the library filled with John’s formidable figure. Just over a week ago, Dean was only half a foot shorter than him. Now, he found himself craning his head back to just keep his dad in sight.

“Hey, Sammy,” John said, exhaustion in his voice. “How’re things with–“

Trailing off, John’s brown eyes focused on Dean. Having expected to see the small teenager comatose, it was almost comical to see him do a double-take at the sight of his elder son sitting up on his own, clearly alert.

“Sam! I told you to call us if Dean’s condition changed!” John scolded.

Sam hung his head, his cheeks changing to pink as he flushed. “I forgot,” he mumbled at the ground.

Dean couldn’t stop reaching out and patting the arm Sam had resting near him. With everything going on the last few days and the adjustments he was making, Dean was as much to blame for forgetting to call as anyone. He didn’t want Sam shouldering the blame on his own.

Yet there was a small amount of intimidation that coiled in his stomach and prevented him from speaking up about it as John walked to the table.

All of that fled Dean’s mind as John sat down in the chair next to Sam. Compared to the scrawny ten-year-old, John Winchester was massive, and he leaned over to get a better look at Dean.

Sam sheepishly moved his arm out of the way, trying not to fidget in the seat where he was nearly forgotten about in the wake of Dean’s miraculous recovery.

“How ya feelin’, dude?” John asked in an uncharacteristically soft voice. It was a tone of voice Dean couldn’t remember ever hearing out of the man, at least as far as he was concerned. 

Dean clenched his jaw, forcing himself to meet John in the eyes. “I’m fine, sir,” he said stiffly. “No injuries, and Sam’s been careful the whole time.”

John nodded, reaching a hand towards Dean. Dean didn’t let himself flinch away, hating how helpless he felt near his dad.

None of this was right.

All John did was carefully check Dean’s arms and chest for injuries, much like he did with either kid after they took a particularly big fall. Dean had seen him do the same after a hunt, and had even helped patch John back together several times.

Fat lot of good he was now. A needle would be half his size.

John pulled back, and his face clouded over. “I told you to keep us updated while we were gone,” he scolded his younger son, resuming the same conversation as though they’d never stopped.

Sam’s shoulders slouched. “I didn’t mean…”

“You can’t go forgetting something like that,” John said sternly. “Now go help Bobby get the food together. I’ll help Dean.”

Blinking fast, Sam scrambled out of his chair and nearly ran from the room.

Dean watched Sam leave, an odd feeling weighing down his heart.

Not once had John asked him about how things were over the last few days. 

Almost as though he didn’t trust Dean.


Sam and a tired big dragon brother Dean. Dean’s the tall one now, after he’s spent some time being freakin tiny. long story!

from my fanfic series – Dragon!Dean is Still Scared of Heights

more art for the series – on my deviantart

I almost forgot how to draw my big boi! He looks slightly different every time lol – I should do a model of him sometime…

spent some time on this pic – then edited a bit in ‘paint’ because my ink pen sucks and I needed to get a finer lined one like months ago. ballpoint doesnt work so hot and felt is too big. ah well.

Brothers Lost Meets Charlie Bradbury Part 2



Disclaimer: I DO NOT own this concept, all rights for the Brothers Lost storyline of cursed!Sam and cursed!Dean with full sized Jacob are owned by@nightmares06 (aka @brothersapart​ ) and PL1 (aka @neonthewrite )

If you haven’t read part 1, here’s a link: Brothers Lost Meets Charlie Bradbury Part 1


Author’s Note: Wow I was not expecting that many people to like the story. Thanks people of Tumblr!

Once in the car, Jacob brought out the Winchesters from hiding. He tried to hold them low enough so that anyone on the sidewalk couldn’t see them with a quick glance.

“So what do you guys think?” Jacob asked.

“You forgot the EM-oof!” Dean started, getting cut off by an elbow to the ribs, courtesy of Sam.

“What he meant to say was, you did great, but you could use some work.” Sam said up to the teen.

“Yeah, but now we don’t have a reading and we’ll have to break in later!” Dean griped.

“Break in??” Jacob echoed with hesitancy.

“Welcome to the hunting business. Get used to it!” Dean quipped with a grin.

Well, just another reason I can’t tell anyone what I really do on the road.. Jacob thought to himself.

“I’m guessing we will have to do this at night, like in the movies?” Jacob said.

“Yup, and in the meantime, we interrogate wizard boy.” Dean said,  grin going wider.

“Hopefully it doesn’t go as bad as last time..” Sam started, amusement coloring his voice.

“I didn’t do that bad!” Jacob protested.

“You asked a man that was suspected of killing his wife how is day was going!” Sam exclaimed.

“It was my first time posing as a sheriff! The badge I got wasn’t even official!” Jacob protested in a slightly higher whisper, even as a blush darkened his face. The brothers were hiding grins at the memory as Jacob lifted them to his shoulder for the car ride.


Sam and Dean slipped out of sight in Jacob’s inner pocket when he parked at the police station. When they were situated Jacob got out and headed in, fumbling for his badge as he approached the front desk.

“Agent Morrison!” The officer from earlier called just as Jacob managed to flash his badge, “Right over here.”

Jacob looked over and followed the man down the hall to a simplistic interrogation room, with what had to be Lance the Mage sitting handcuffed. Jacob entered and the door closed behind him with a loud click, making Lance look up.

“Jim Morrison, FBI. I’m here to talk to you about your friend Lance’s recent passing.” Jacob said, trying to sound professional.

“I-I swear I don’t know a-anything! I’d never want to k-kill Ed!” Lance cried out, obviously distraught.

“W-woah, um- I just want to ask a few questions, nobody’s blaming anybody.”

“O-okay,” Lance responded, trying to calm down.

    “Is there anyone who might want to hurt Ed?”

    “N-no Ed is a great guy, everyone at Moondoor liked him,” Lance began slowly, “The only enemies he had were just in Moondoor. Everyone is friends in real life.”

    “Moondoor?” Jacob questioned.

    “The game we play, we’re LARPers.”

“Ok,” Jacob remembered what Sam had said about LARP, “So, about the texts you sent Ed the night he died, why were you two fighting?”

“Those texts weren’t from me. They were from me, but they weren’t from me me.”

“Um, what?” Jacob said, entirely lost. Lance shrugged, letting out a tired sigh.

“They were from Greyfox the Mystic to Thargrim the Difficult..” Lance explained, and when Jacob cocked his head, he went on with a defeated tone, “My LARPing character and Ed’s..”

“So it was all fake?” Jacob realized.

“Yes, Ed and I are best friends in real life, I’d never hurt him! I-I just c-c-can’t believe he’s really d-dea-a-ad! OH G-GODS the m-mighty Thargrim has fallen!!” He sobbed. Jacob sat there awkwardly for a minute, shifting uncomfortably as the lanky man sobbed in grief. Finally he decided to just leave Lance to his grieving.

“So what do you think?” The sheriff greeted Jacob as he closed the door behind him.

“The texts were a roleplay between his and Ed’s characters. Apparently the two are friends in real life, but mad at eachother in the ‘LARP’.”

“You think he got mad enough to kill Lance?”

“I doubt it, the man’s completely torn up about it. Those were definitely not crocodile tears.” Jacob deduced.

    “I’m guessing he has no clue about a suspect then?” Jacob shook his head.

    “Well call me if you find any-” Jacob started pulling out a card with his number on it, when all the sudden there was a shout of alarm down the hall from the interrogation room. Jacob followed the officer at a slower pace towards the sound for the sake of the brothers in his pocket.

    They rounded the corner into a surveillance room, a woman hurried towards them.

    “It’s Lance! He’s dying!” She exclaimed as she ran by, both Jacob and the officer in tow.

   She fumbled to unlock the door, and swung it open as fast as she could. It was oddly quiet in the room. Jacob peered in and cursed under his breath. The lifeless body of Lance laying dead on the floor.

   “Shit. Can you show me the surveillance tapes?” Jacob asked grimly.

   “Uh-huh follow me.” Jacob followed her back to the surveillance room, and she rewinded the tape to show just Lance sitting there, crying softly.

   All the sudden he scratched his arm and pulled up the sleeve, Jacob peered closer there was a marking on his arm that he couldn’t quite work out. Lance coughed violently, then again. The hand he had held over his mouth pulled away, covered in thick red blood.

    Lance screamed and stood turning to look into the mirror of the one way glass. From where the camera pointed, Jacob could see in the mirror that the lanky LARPer’s mouth was smeared with blood. Another cough splattered dark blood across the mirror, before he screamed his last, and fell to the floor.

    “God forbid he was contagious! I’m going to wash my hands!” The sheriff rushed out the door.

    The young teen paled. “I’m going to need that hard drive,” he dead panned, knowing Sam and Dean would want to see it.

     After securing the hard drive, Jacob wasted no time getting back into the privacy of the Impala.

    He helped the brothers up onto his shoulder, and recounted as much as he could. As expected, both brothers wanted to see the video when they got back to the motel.


Author’s Note: Sorry this is a bit short, I am very busy with play practice and felt bad for not updating fast. So I just decided on uploading what I had. Hope you all had a fun time over the weekend!


Sam of Wellwood

(Story 1 of the Brothers Asunder series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

After having her plans thwarted so often by Dean Winchester, Celeste decides to up the stakes in her newest attempt, this time not even trying to curse the older Winchester. Instead, she removes him from the equation completely and sends Sam far, far away.

Into a forest where a certain familiar village resides, out of sight and out of mind.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Bowman Leafwing, Jacob Andris, Scar Wolfblind, Cerul Elanwyn

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart


Artwork by @lamthetwickster!