It does sound adorable, but I have a few ideas of my own for Brothers Saved! This wouldn’t fit into my plans. Sam’s fight with John is already planned out, and it’s not going to all go down the same way this time because the circumstances are changed. Sam’s not fighting for his independence this time, he’s fighting for Dean’s. The older brother he looks up to, the person who taught him about hunting long before John considered it.

Domestic AUs are not my cup of tea. I encourage if anyone wants to write this out to go for it, but I’m here for action, adventure, horror, suspense. Feels and stress and angst. @neonthebright could tell you how antsy I get when the fluff scenes start to go on for chapters, because I’m itching to get back to the action. So this kind of thing will be in short supply over here.

We even have ideas thought up for Brothers Saved in multiple AUs, so it may get split into different AUs in the future.

As it is, I have given a lot of thought to Sam, Dean and John’s relationship, for better or worse, and as this probably won’t be finished for posting for some time, I’ll give you a peek:

Sam glared at John, breathing hard. He’d come home this afternoon from the store to find John back without warning from a case, talking fast and explaining exactly what he needed from Sam, where they needed to go, and how important it was that they get ready and stop dragging your damn heels.

All this was well and fine, about what the eighteen-year-old expected. Never mind that Sam was a few weeks from graduation, and they needed to study for an exam. Dean would want in on a hunt anytime he got the chance.

And then the real fight began.

John shot back that Dean needed to stay behind. He would just hold them back at his size. He went so far as to say he’d already explained such to Dean, they had no use for his ‘attempts to act normal’ getting in the way of a hunt.

“I can’t believe you said that to him!”

“Of course I said it to him! Someone has to tell him these things!”

“Dean knows what he’s doing,” Sam growled out. “You would know that if you ever bothered with him!” His voice rose higher with each word until he was shouting.

John was right in his face, spitting back. By all rights, they should have come to blows. “He needs to respect his limitations, Sam! All it takes is one second with your guard down, and he’ll be dead!

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