Mark’s tracker

anonymous asked:

how would removing the tracker kill mark?

Removing the tracker wouldn’t kill Mark if it was done RIGHT, the catch is, it’s set up so that if it’s tampered with wrong (like if Mark tries taking it off himself, or goes to other borrowers to get it off), it’ll self-destruct and electrocute him. Euan set this up to ensure that his little pet would always come back to him.

It’ll also kill him if Euan hits the kill switch, so Mark has to be careful that Euan never thinks he’s trying to run away.

December 16th excerpt: 

Dean smirked, not above the chance to brag on his accomplishments. “I’m a tracker,” he said proudly, jutting his chin out. “So long as Sherlock gives me some idea what we’re searching for, I can lead him right to it. Just like I coulda told him, if he asked me, that one of his missing glasses is in the back of that cupboard pushed behind everything else, the other is mixed into his lab equipment, and the last is right above our heads.”

Pointing in time with each of his declarations, Dean indicated where all the missing cups were in the flat, and on the last, with his arm pointing overhead, he nearly stumbled over, losing his balance when the room went sideways.

Lestrade and Sherlock followed Dean’s finger in each direction he pointed. While Lestrade was confused by the final location, Sherlock narrowed his eyes at the ceiling, knowing the glass hadn’t been left on the light overhead. That left the flat upstairs as the only remaining option, the place where John Watson slept. And evidently did more than sleep.

Oh man. The regular Deans would be laying bets on which one can track the hidden pie down first.

Brothers Lost Dean has his ability and uses it, but he’s only driven to use it when he’s in need. It’s not something he has actively sought to hone (yet!).

Brothers Consulted Dean has just revealed to Sherlock Holmes, of all people, that he not only can track down shoelaces, he can find anything he puts his mind to. There’s a good chance that Sherlock will leap at that opportunity.

Brothers Saved Dean is going to grow up with Sam at his side. He’s not going to need to use it anywhere near as often, so it won’t be a skill he has trained for use until he realizes it’s real potential, setting him behind the others who grew up with the threat of starvation without it.

My money’s on BC Dean dominating.

He’s probably not sharing the pie, guys.

September 22nd excerpt:

“D’you know which direction they’d have gone? Maybe a section of wall I could knock on or something?”

“They’re, ahh…” Dean scanned the walls, remembering what side the room was on when he was running through the dark. There had been a few turns, and Sam had gone in the opposite direction back…

Then he remembered he didn’t have to remember where they’d gone and bother with mapping out the innards of the house. He knew where they were at this very second.