Oh man. The regular Deans would be laying bets on which one can track the hidden pie down first.

Brothers Lost Dean has his ability and uses it, but he’s only driven to use it when he’s in need. It’s not something he has actively sought to hone (yet!).

Brothers Consulted Dean has just revealed to Sherlock Holmes, of all people, that he not only can track down shoelaces, he can find anything he puts his mind to. There’s a good chance that Sherlock will leap at that opportunity.

Brothers Saved Dean is going to grow up with Sam at his side. He’s not going to need to use it anywhere near as often, so it won’t be a skill he has trained for use until he realizes it’s real potential, setting him behind the others who grew up with the threat of starvation without it.

My money’s on BC Dean dominating.

He’s probably not sharing the pie, guys.

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