Is the trickster from Jacob in Wonderland Gabriel?

He is indeed!

Gabriel decided to pay the Winchesters an early visit when he saw how things were playing out for them, and give them a few reminders about how borrowers and sprites constantly have to live.

There is a prequel to Jacob in Wonderland which can be found here, a prompt that I wrote out about the trickster catching wind of them. 

We have considered bringing @neonthebright‘s trickster into the story as well, a fun character named Elias who gets up to quite a few shenanigans in his own storyline! Check out his stories over on her writing blog here!


That would depend a lot on what the shenanigans were that Gabriel was up to, honestly. The snarky, smarmy archangel is probably up to trouble, and trouble of his type can really cause problems when you’re four inches or less.

Dean would probably be offended, because somehow I feel like the joke would end up being on him in BA. In BL… it’s hard to say. The series is still young.