Dean frowned, concentrating on the tiny bit of… something on his tongue. His brow pinched with confusion. Now that he paid some attention, he realized that it didn’t taste like anything he’d eaten that night … and it was bigger than he’d expect for it to go unnoticed for so long, definitely too big to simply have been stuck in his teeth.

Then he realized something and it felt like the world started to crash down.

It was moving.

A sense of dread filled him, starting with a clenching in his stomach that bloomed outwards and jabbed ice into his heart and set his pulse pounding in his ears. Reflexively, he pinned the weakly wriggling thing to the roof of his mouth when he swallowed down the rest of his beer in shock. His eyes snapped over to where everyone else was sitting and he could feel his insides freeze up, even more jagged claws digging their way into his chest at the horrible realization of what – or, rather, who – was in his mouth.

Sam was still diligently recording what they knew in his little journal, leaning over it in the way one did to minimize distraction despite the movie blaring in the background. He kept that book with him at all times, jotting down useful information. Bowman sat with his bottlecap forgotten in his hands, staring at the TV screen with a confused fascination that often adorned his face when he was witnessing what he proclaimed to be “human magic.” Those leafy wings twitched a little. And Jacob …

Jacob was nowhere to be seen.

Artwork by @justanothergiant! Their stuff is amazing!

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Inktober 15 2017 Paybacks A Bitch


Inktober 15th 2017   I almost never do comics so this is a learning experience for me! what do ya think?

Part one:

Part two:

Part three: right here :}

Another night that Bowman spent at the motel sleepover:

Inktober 15 2017 Paybacks A Bitch

Poor everyone in this horror story! I think the only person to get off light would be…

Oh, wait. That would be telling. I’ll be good and try and keep the spoilers down. We await this story being voted in with excitement!

VoraciousPanda is an amazing artist and their style was just perfect for the picture. Give them some love for their great work and we hope to commission them again soon!

Well, in gt there always seem to be ideas involving vore or at the very least, mouthplay. For myself, the original idea to have it in the Comeback Kid wasn’t my idea, it was actually my writing partner’s.

For me, vore is touch and go. When I was a kid, if there was a show on that involved vore of any kind, even something silly and dorky like Donald Duck’s three nephews shrinking down to get a bad guy out of their uncle, I’d be terrified for days afterwards. It bordered phobia for me. Nowadays, I’m much better around it, and don’t mind the occasional vore fic, but I should warn ya. When I write, I like my writing to border realism, so if there’s vore, it’s not going to be safe vore.