May 12th excerpt: 

Jacob’s eyes were wide. He tried to imagine waking up so little, and he felt his shoulders tensing up in spite of himself. His fingers curled slightly, almost ready to hug Sam again for what he’d been through, but instead he just brushed one tiny arm with his thumb, getting better and better at the gesture.

“Maybe his brother’s still in one a’ the other rooms,” Jacob suggested. “We can just go ask.”

May 11th excerpt:

Sam was able to take the end of the gauze and tie up his hand. He held it up to show it off to Jacob. “What do you think? It’s like an oven mitt! I could be a cook!” Sam gave his new friend a big smile, wanting to make sure Jacob wasn’t upset anymore about letting him down. It wasn’t Jacob’s fault, and Sam didn’t want him to think it was.

Jacob grinned and snickered quietly. “Or a baseball player!” he added in, staring at the thick bandaging wrapped around that little hand. It made the injury look a lot worse than a scrape from falling down. Hopefully that meant it’d get better a lot faster. Jacob hadn’t even noticed the blood on Sam’s hands when he first picked him up.

May 9th excerpt: 

Sam’s chest hiccuped as he cried, curling into as small a ball as he could while the kid’s voice rumbled around him. Everything was dark, except the few shards of light that snuck in past the huge fingers.

Surrounded. He was surrounded by fingers.

That thought made Sam bury his head against his knees, hugging them to himself. There was no room to thrash anymore, and he waited for the end to come. It was only after a few long moments that stretched out around the stuffy air inside of the hands that Sam realized there was a voice – a voice that shook the wall next to him, but still a voice.

May 8th excerpt:

Jacob almost stumbled, his sneakers hitting the carpet hard for a few steps, but he kept on and pushed the trucks around the foot of the bed.

He angled sharply to take his trucks through the space between the beds, but stopped abruptly. Something in his path drew his attention like a lightning rod, and Jacob’s mouth formed a small ‘o’ as he stared.

It looked like a tiny little action figure, but it wasn’t one of Jacob’s. His eyes were wide with wonder as he stared. The small figure stood mere feet away from him, and Jacob’s face slowly broke into a grin.

The tiny person was staring back, and that meant they weren’t a toy. They were real!