so apparently i have not made a shitty mary sue self insert yet for nightmares06‘s g/t supernatural au (that i am lucky to be apart of) so here we go

this OP little babe has some kind of immunity to spells?? so she was one of the many people celeste attacked but because of her very inexplicable mary sue powers she was only itty bitty for a few days before POP back to normal but every spell she’s hit with leaves behind some traces of magic so sometimes there’ll be a surge and she’ll randomly shrink for awhile

so she and sam meet at a motel and sam goes after her but she ~~disappears~~ and later she compliments dean on the car and ofc there’s a double take when sam recognizes her and everything

yeAH so she and sam fist bump and she helps them on a case and maybe comes back someday

also she wears a vastly oversized jacket

in case you haven’t notice i take special care to make mary sue self inserts for everything

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