Oo! Yes! I’m so excited for you!

I was completely on my own, so I can say that everyone is very friendly. I made a few friends that were sitting close to me (I was in gold, so it was the same seat-mates every day). I didn’t get to take any pics of cosplayers (aside from Osric, of course. He was Sam >w<), but make sure if you want to take pictures of them, ask first. Get a schedule, either the one they hand out or one on your phone. Pay attention to when things are if you have photo ops or autographs. You don’t want to miss them for sure!

The Saturday night concert is great, karaoke on Friday is tons of fun, and prepare for massive crowds on Sunday (when Jared and Jensen are there).

I did get lucky enough to meet up with one girl that knew me from tumblr and that was very exciting! Though my hands were shaking so bad from literally just having walked out of the photo op with Jared and Jensen so she had to take the picture of us.

If you’ve got photo ops or autographs, they call them by number, so make sure you pay attention. And don’t be like me and forget the stuff you want signed. I had to trek back and forth from my room because I kept leaving things there.

If you want to buy things, do it as soon as possible. By halfway through Saturday, certain items were selling out at the convention. I wish I would have bought a few more things.

Check out some convention guides they have online. They’ll let you know things you should bring and prepare for. I read a few different ones. This was my first convention ever, and I was not disappointed!

And have fun!

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