Oh, thank you so much. It means the world to me to hear that you enjoy my writing ;w; especially considering how much I put into it.

Though it has taken a while to find my niche in writing. If I ever read over my first spn-gt story that I wrote over a year ago, I get the urge to shred it and rewrite it from the bottom up ( Reversal of Fate, if you haven’t seen it ). All I’ve done is find inspiration and keep writing. And never stop. If you ever start writing, remember to eat. It reminds me of the days I’d be stuck on games like WOW. Foods just weren’t as important.

It’s not that Dean would get jealous. He understands that Sam almost never gets to feel normal. It’s so hard to spend your entire life having to hide from all but a select few.

Dean would get antsy. He hates having Sam out of sight. It just reminds him of all the times bad things have happened to his brother when he’s not around. The events of Taken, Sam alone in the motel room in Shadows and Reflections, not to mention getting jumped by Ilyana that first meeting with the fire sprites. So Dean is very on edge when Sam’s out and about. In fact, that’s what lands him at the bars some nights. It’s easier to go out and grab a drink or a bite instead of sitting around watching TV, wondering if Sam’s going to come back.

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