The Incredible Shrinking Winchester Conclusion

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: After The Schism of Fire and Water

( Part 4 of 4 )

The sound of stumbling came from behind Dean, and he whipped around, catching the man behind him in shock.


The person he held in his arms only bore a passing resemblance to the four inch hunter he’d had at his side, flinching away from Dean’s voice. Sam was massive and built, a good few inches taller than Dean himself. But those hazel eyes, despite the way they darted about in a panic, were the most familiar eyes he’d ever seen. His hair was a mess, ragged and longer than ever. His clothing was tattered. A massive hook hung out of his satchel, the three prongs glinting in the sunlight and the clear fishing line the thickness of Dean’s pinkie.

All so familiar, yet at the same time so strange. That hook could now spear a man straight through.


The voice sounded unused, hoarse. Sam’s hazel eyes tried to focus on Dean, like he didn’t believe what he was seeing. He tried desperately to pull away from the older, but now smaller hunter, but didn’t get far. There was a quivering in his limbs, a weakness that hadn’t been present before.

“Here, c’mon pint-size,” Dean said softly. He guided his brother over to the Impala, sitting him carefully down in the passenger’s side. “Drink,” he commanded, holding a water bottle up to Sam’s lips.

The younger brother let Dean give him a drink. His jacket was removed, and his satchel tossed in the back next to Dean’s duffel. Dean brushed the scattered hair out of his eyes.

“H-how?” Sam managed to croak out. “I thought… I thought you couldn’t find me. I could always hear you searching… but I just… I just kept getting smaller.

A part of Dean froze up at that confirmation of his fears. “How small?”

Sam shook his head desperately. “No idea. I just… things kept changing. I couldn’t even focus on things after awhile.” His blinking hazel eyes forced themselves to focus on Dean. “Subatomic… too small… your voice…”

Dean wet one of the handkerchiefs in his duffel, and patted it against Sam’s face, clearing off the grime and sweat that had caked up after months on his own. “I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere.” He forced out a fake smile, remembering the year of life he had left. 

“You and me together, Sasquatch.”

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