I do write with various partners, and it’s always a fun experience. I’m not against writing with people in the future, but I do prefer to see examples of their writing before starting. For @neonthewrite, I saw her contest entry and went on to read her original story about Bowman Leafwing. I was the one to put the idea out there to write a story together in the first place.

For the moment, I’m closed to any new partners. I have four stories in progress, and due to the AU’s we’ve been writing, @neonthewrite has first dibs on writing with me. It’s addicting to put our characters together, and we’re so happy we got such positive feedback on them. On top of those four rp’s, ever since starting them, my work has grown more stressful, so I’ve got less free time to myself to write and I tend to focus my efforts on one story at a time, which means other partners don’t get as many replies. I’m very single minded, and I apologize for that.

Chances are, if someone asks me to rp, it’ll be a no.

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