In the Darkness Ch. 3 Part 3


Something evil is afoot in a small rural town in Midwestern America, and it’s up to Sam and Dean to find out what. With the help of a small woman named Zepheera, they’ll do their best to save the town and Zepheera’s time-travelling alien friend from the greatest evil the Winchesters have ever faced.

This is a contest entry for @nightmares06. It features characters from my Doctor Who/Borrowers crossover series ‘Borrowed Time (and Space)’ with a little tweak in Zepheera’s size to put her to Sam’s scale. This is not canon for BTAS and takes place sometime before Taken in Brothers Apart.

Posting in bits to help keep me motivated to write this. Once it’s all done, I’ll put the chapters up properly on Ao3

silence between them was broken by Zepheera, who peeked around the console at
the brooding men. “Sorry,” she piped up, “But I think I have something that’ll

waiting for permission to share, she approached Dean and thrust a pair of
glasses onto his face. Dean blinked in surprise. The square lenses were fake,
but it was certainly the last thing Dean expected Zepheera to do.

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