Oh, I don’t think you ever have to worry about spamming my tumblr. I love hearing from you. In fact, a big reason I got the tumblr originally was to let people who didn’t have a da (and those who did) get more involved in the storyline. When I run a poll to decide what story comes next, votes can be sent in through the asks on tumblr along with the poll itself on da.

I used to stay away from fan fiction myself, but always found myself finding stories about these brothers, Sam and Dean, when I was reading gt online. The more I read the more I wanted, so in the end, I took the plunge one day to find out what these two characters looked and sounded like, and I never came back. The show is entertaining, and I never get tired of the brothers or anyone else on the cast. So if you ever have a chance, I’ll always recommend it.

(I’m so emotionally invested in these brothers it’s not even funny)


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