I might have gotten them. Truthfully, I get a lot of prompts, so there’s no way for me to know whose are whose, especially on anon. I also won’t be able to do all prompts. I tend to focus on the ones that I get inspired by, and I’ve got a few set aside that I want to work on, but I’ve been to busy between work and other stories to do any. Of course, all of Brothers Asunder came from a prompt, and Brothers Lost was inspired by a prompt as well, so keep sending in any ideas. If you want to resend the prompts, because I know that tumblr does occasionally lose them, feel free! 

–Also, asks are currently scheduled a week out in advance, unless they’re more immediate questions like this one, so if it’s an ask you’re asking about, it may be in the queue. It’s the only way for me to keep ahead of things because of work, and keep the blog going when I get besieged for a good few days in a row.

Just remember, there’s a chance I won’t get to the prompts because there’s a lot of ideas that don’t mesh with the world I’m making over here.

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