It depends on the region they are from, and their upbringing.

Many girls will simply make do with makeshift versions of tampons and pads, using fabric (preferably wool, if it’s available). There are a few outliers that bleed into their clothing, which is not unheard of for us humans, either.

Really, the blood is less of a problem for them than the pain is. The people that live in motels have no access to herbal remedies that they might have in the wild, leaving them with no painkillers. Human medication is a huge risk, and could do more damage than help.

(Tampons and pads haven’t been around for long, so our society is the exception, not the norm, and women have dealt with this issue since the dawn of time)

Bras are easier. Many women simply wear baggier clothing. Fashion is of no consequence for them, though if they do have tight clothing to wear they can use a wrap around their torso to substitute for a makeshift bra.

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