Our writing process? Let’s see…

First off, we spend a lot of time talking about different scenarios between the characters. It’s mostly spitballing ideas or coming up with cool ideas for monsters at the time, but a lot of the ideas stick and then start to grow.

Once we find something that sounds like a good story, we play around with different ideas for it, acting out little scenes and switching things up (and occasionally going I have an idea, and if you ever hear that it’s usually a sign for angst).

Though at the beginning of when we started writing these AUs it was just for fun, we now have a distinct plan and list of story ideas. Once we finish one, there’s always another story just begging to be written, which is how we keep our momentum going. It’s very important to not lose momentum. 

Editing tends to take the longest, which is why despite the fact that we have a good amount of stories finished, not many are ready for posting. We are slowly working through editing and getting the stories beta read.

What we’ve found is our characters have great chemistry together, so we can throw them together and think something’s going to happen, then discover the characters just go and do their own thing anyway. (Dean and Jacob//Dean and Bowman are good examples. It’s almost impossible to know what’s going to happen with these pairs)

90% of our stories come from one of us going I have an idea and the other one going Oh no.

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